Cardiologist in London, Dr Francesco Lo Monaco

Hello, I’m I’m Francesco Lo Monaco, I’m a Cardiologist in Chelsea and Westminster trust, in their West Middlesex University Hospital site. My main field of expertise is Clinical Cardiology with sub-speciality in imaging. I treat a wide range of cardiovascular diseases: heart attacks, angina, heart failure, irregular heart rhythms, valvular heart disease. I perform all the diagnostic tests ranging from exercise tolerance tests, to echocardiograms (ECG), dobutamine stress tests and CT coronary angiograms. I’m an Affiliate Member of the Royal College of Physicians and I’ve been appointed Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology by the Imperial College School of Medicine. I also did research in the United States, where I published papers in the Cardiac Stem Cells field. I perfectly understand that having a disease and being concerned about symptoms can be highly stressful. This is why my mission is to put the patient at the centre of my attention to give a human and empathic face to my care and to give patients the best possible experience. I have a one-stop approach for my patients’ care. Why wait many days for test results when you can have your tests, consultations and follow-up appointments usually within a day? This is the reason why I work in prestigious Medical Centres and I have fast access to a wide range of top-notch medical techniques and diagnostic facilities. Working in Italy first, then in the United States, and now in the NHS has allowed me to gain the wealth of medical expertise that cannot be obtained through working only in the private healthcare sector. In summary, excellent quality of care, convenience, empathic and professional approach, the most updated medical expertise and top-notch medical facilities are the essential ingredients for the successful recipe of the patient-centred care that I strive to offer. I’m looking forward to welcoming you!

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