Cardiac Caregiver – Mary Mullen, MD, PhD | Boston Children’s Hospital

Morning. Good morning. How we doing? Good. Yeah? You had a good night? Yeah, you have a good night? I always wanted to be a doctor, and I always wanted to care for children who had serious illnesses. When I was in medical school, I became fascinated with the development of the heart. And so, pediatric cardiology was an ideal way for me to combine those interests. It’s nice and strong. Would you like to listen? Yes please. I am one of the staff physicians for the Boston Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program. I’m also the associate director of the Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension Program. I take care of a wide range of patients. I take care of children who have congenital heart disease, children who have pulmonary hypertension, and adults who are survivors of congenital heart disease. Adults with congenital heart disease are the successes of our pediatric cardiology program. And so, now that we have more and more survivors of complex congenital heart disease, we see more patients in the adult program. We are able to take advantage of many innovative therapies to both improve their quality of life, and to increase their survival. The Boston Children’s Heart Center is a wonderful place because of the incredible team which works together to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients, while also providing excellent care for our families. Her murmur is gone. Yeah, it has. It’s great. That’s the wonderful thing about medicine. You can really look at a situation, use all of your skills and all of the institution’s skills, to improve the care for a patient.

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