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Hi guys, how are you all doing? Good. How was your night? How was her night? Very good, she slept well. When I was in surgical training, some of the strongest influences were cardiac surgeons. I certainly appreciated their ability to heal and make people better. The other important thing is the compassion they show towards their patients, and during training you do a few rotations in congenital heart surgery, and once you’ve done it, there’s no going back, because it’s the most fascinating, and also the most technically challenging field. Every baby’s different, and every operation has to be tailored for that particular patient. My name is AK Kaza, and I’m the director of the Neonatal Cardiac Surgery Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. I do think it’s rotated. What we do prior to taking any baby or child to the operating room with congenital heart disease, is to sit down with the experts in imaging, so we know precisely what the anatomy is for the baby, and try to come up with a unique game plan that’s specific for that particular child. I think the reason that we have excellent outcomes in neonatal heart surgery is the team approach. It’s not something one person does. People who work here are the absolute best in their field, and everybody has one goal, which is to help improve the health of every single child they see. Hello. Hi. Hi Mr. Dean, what are you doing today? At Boston Children’s, because of our reputation, we get patients from all across the country, and one of the newer trends we’re noticing is international patients. With the short air time it takes to get to Boston, I think we have a lot more patients from the Middle East, and most recently, from Southeast Asia and China. These are patients that used to go to the UK or Germany in the past, now they realize, they can get to Boston with the same degree of ease, but get the superlative care that we’re known for. We have dedicated people who man the office that help these patients make the transition, because nothing seems more insurmountable than trying to go to another country and trying to get care for your child, and I think one of the efforts we’re investing in is trying to make that process seamless. Okay bud, here you go. I come to work every day and feel that it’s a unique privilege that we’re blessed with to be able to do what we do, and it is thrilling every second of the day.

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  1. Dr. Kaza was my daughter's heart surgeon before he left Salt Lake City for Boston. My husband and I often joke that we're going to try to find a way to get insurance to authorize us to take her to Boston to have him do her next one. He is seriously the best. When my daughter was taken away and I couldn't leave the hospital I gave birth in, my husband had to handle everything. Dr. Kaza said he only needed my husband's okay to do the surgery, but refused to do so until he was able to call me and explain it all so that I wouldn't be sitting at my hospital feeling like I didn't know what was going on. Though I still spent the next six hours worrying about her, I felt better because Dr. Kaza took the time to call and explain to me what was happening.

    I've never met someone so humble and so amazing at the same time, and am grateful every day that he saved my daughter's life.

  2. Dr Kaza was also my surgeon. I had double aortic arch. He and all the doctors were all sooooooooo helpful and kind. Thanks to all them.

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