Cara Wheeler, Psy.D., Integrated Behavioral Health – The Corvallis Clinic

Watching people on their journey to
getting well and getting healthy, it’s almost magical. I think working at The
Corvallis Clinic gives patients an opportunity To be treated as a whole person. They don’t have to go to multiple places in order to get the care that
they need. My approach to patient care is always leading with the patient is the
expert on themselves. I am merely someone who comes alongside them in that journey
and helps them look at things maybe from a different perspective, so I really like
to see the puzzle pieces of a problem and put them together, you know, match
them up perfectly and then direct from there. So if a patient comes in with a
set of symptoms it kind of looks like it’s all over the place and just to put
that together in one really whole piece and say, okay I think
this is what the problem, is this is where we need to go, that problem-solving
part of it really, really is rewarding for me. I am an animal lover
and my dream world I have a farm and I’m surrounded by fur throughout the day and
have lots of things to tend to and that Christmas time you might see me actually
painting windows for businesses, with Christmas scenes, anything with
creativity, I think my brain is probably pretty balanced between the right left
side, so I like to go in the endeavors of intellect and analysis but I also love
the creativity and spontaneity so hopefully a good balance. So my son, I
have a four year old son, and he has this book called “You Choose” and there’s these
great pictures on each page that describe all these fun activities that
you could do, and my husband kind of looks over at my son and he says I think
your mommy would want to do all of these things, because that’s just kind of how I
am, I like the adventure I like the idea of
you know let’s try this or let’s learn about that so I’m usually game for most
activities. I think the most rewarding part of my job is that its meaningful, it actually
changes people’s everyday life. I love collaboration, I think working
with physicians, dietitians, occupational therapists, really helps us see the
patient from all those multifaceted ways and it’s great not to be alone as a
provider and to look at the patient and say you know what, I’m gonna go down the hall, I’m gonna chat with your primary care physician,
and we’re going to come up with the best solution possible. I think that puts the
patient at peace where they feel like, okay I’m important enough to you know
have a discussion about, kind of behind the scenes.

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