Canine Rehabilitation Center at Iowa State gets dogs back on their paws fast

[intro music] [dog barking] “The rehab center here at Iowa State is
really state-of-the-art and it helps animals with neurologic conditions,
orthopedic conditions, it helps animals with weight loss and conditioning. One of
the most common reasons the we see animals here is to recover after
neurologic surgery or after orthopedic surgery in order to help rebuild muscle
mass and some of that neurologic function and joint function. The underwater treadmill
is actually one of the most utilized pieces of equipment we have here because
it’s so versatile it allows animals to regain mobility without putting full
weight on their legs, and so an animal might be able to walk sooner in an
underwater treadmill than it would be on pure land. Compare that to swimming, for
example, which is largely a cardiovascular exercise and also can
improve joint range of motion. I think some of the most unique things that we
have are the overhead hoist system that allows us to elevate very heavy dogs
that would be very difficult for us to physically lift and allows them to walk
and trot even and go in underwater treadmill without us using our manual
strength and so that provides a unique aspect of care and for these very large
dogs that can’t walk on their own. They can have a faster recovery which
is much more speedy and a greater extent of the recovery as well with the
addition of rehabilitation. I think we are a really special University and a
special facility here because we offer state-of-the-art techniques that
can benefit all animals and our very few facilities and have all the advanced
equipment that we have it’s incredibly rewarding and again you can really see
the benefits of the work you’re doing with your patient now you can see the
energy and the life returned to the animal when it can they’ll go from a
state where it’s unable to walk and support itself to where it can walk and run
and do all the things a normal dog could do.”

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