Cancer Services- Nebraska Medicine—Bellevue

We will be able to offer any of the chemotherapy,
blood transfusions, antibiotics should patients need those as well. The radiology and imaging
studies, the majority of them can be done there as well. The clinic and chemotherapy infusion center
are attached to Bellevue Medical Center Hospital. It is really just a few steps away between
the clinic and the infusion center on the second floor of the hospital. We’ll have four different Oncologists that
will spend a half day or day down there having clinic. We are also opening up an infusion
center so we will be able to give chemotherapy to the patients down in Bellevue to hopefully
make it more convenient so people don’t have to travel down to the main campus to
get it. Their lives are so busy with doctors’ visits, lab tests and imaging studies. It
is nice if we can merge all of those things in to one location so they don’t spend their
days travelling from one facility to the next. The Nebraska Medical Center department of
Oncology and Hematology has a variety of people that sub-specialize in a certain area of oncology
or hematology. This way we can have a way to communicate with those experts or to see
that area of expertise that we have down in Bellevue too. We really focus on one or two
specific areas of the oncology practice. It will be nice to have that available to offer
to patients in the Bellevue area. Our oncologists, part of our job is to not
only take care of patients but to really be involved in the research aspect, developing
new treatments and learning how to apply new treatments for all areas of cancer and hematology
so we can hopefully gain better outcomes in the future and better knowledge to know how
best to treat patients. All of our nurses, both in the clinic and the infusion center,
are oncology nurses and they have trained and worked at The Nebraska Medical Center
so they are well suited to take care of patients out there as well.

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