Can Too Much Insulin Cause Cancer? (Hyperinsulinemia and Insulin Resistance)

One thing that we haven’t mentioned very
much is that there are a lot of cancers associated with increased insulin. Hyperinsulinemia and pancreatic cancer.
This is a release… press release from the University of British Columbia. Some of
their researchers and faculty just published an article in Cell Metabolism,
August 2019. This is a picture of James Johnson in the Department of Cellular
and Physiological Sciences. What they did was show much more of a… not an
epidemiological study but more of a clinical trial type study. They took rats
that some rats that couldn’t make increased insulin and crossbred them
with rats that did make increased insulin. What they found was again the offspring
that couldn’t make insulin were protected from pancreatic cancer. Now, why
does that… why is that a big deal? And what does that mean in terms of humans?
Well, we talk about insulin resistance quite a bit but one of the things we
forget is the hyperinsulinemia. Increased insulin goes right along with insulin
resistance. We’ve talked about many times about how prevalent insulin resistance
is again. Hyperinsulinemia is just about as prevalent as insulin resistance. One
thing that we haven’t mentioned very much is that there are a lot of cancers
associated with increased insulin. For example, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer
may have the strongest link. And again these are all important cancers, things
that we need to be focused on, and thinking about in terms of it’s not just
heart attack and stroke with insulin resistance. If you’ve made it this far,
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4 thoughts on “Can Too Much Insulin Cause Cancer? (Hyperinsulinemia and Insulin Resistance)

  1. I was watching a vegan conference from 2019 and they were stating wait til you see what happens to all these low carb people… how they will all die young and they sure all the Blue zones where people eat beans and tubers everyday. Maybe the real issue isn’t food but sedentary lifestyle. Maybe if you walk and move all day it doesn’t matter what you eat because you burn the sugar off

  2. Thanks once again for the great content! I'd be curious to hear more about your take on fruit consumption – I know you have mentioned in some places on the channel that you try to avoid some fruits, but I have trouble finding any in-depth discussion about this. I know fruits are often said to be a cornerstone of a healthy diet. At the same time there is increasing reason to believe that today's fruits don't resemble the fruits of the past at all and that the fructose to micronutrients ratio has increased dramatically. Have you discussed this somewhere so far?

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