Can This Bionic Lens Give You Smart Vision?

Imagine having the entire internet available
at the blink of an eye. With a computer monitor on your contact lens. It’s already more science than fiction. You may be walking through a street and you
see a restaurant and you’d like to have more information about this restaurant. That can be displayed in front of your eyes. You can imagine a number of different things. A personal GPS type thing that would show
you directions to your destination. That information can be superimposed through
what you would normally see. At the University of Washington, a research
team has set its sights on creating a real bionic eye. The challenge: build a screen as small as
your iris and figure out how to wirelessly connect it to a computer you put in your pocket. It’s a very complicated device to make because
we have to incorporate high performance circuitry on a contact lens. We have to put small radios on a contact lens
to be able to communicate with this device, send data to the lens perhaps get some data
back. They start by boiling up some lead-free solder
to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Into that they dip a small polymer wafer that
has a tiny circuit board etched onto one side of it. So once the small components are assembled
we coat everything in a biocompatible polymer and mould the structure into the right shape
to make a contact lens. To test it the team tries sending a radio
signal to a prototype lens that holds a single pixel. So, what we’re trying to do is demonstrate
a one-pixel display that’s wirelessly powered. So, we have an RF transmitter that’s transmitting
power and data over to a small silicon chip on a contact lens. And we have contact. The lens picks up the signal and lights up
the pixel. That is wonderful. You’d see that all the hard work has finally
paid off. So, we’re all ecstatic. So, what if we take it to the next step? What if there are lots of pixels to spell
out words and make pictures? Yo Nicole how you doing? Good. How are you? How’s Brooklyn treating you? Nice. Great to see you too. Your dog okay? He’s fine. I saw some really cool pictures. Keep it up. Keep it up. Alana hey. I haven’t seen you since last Oct by Austin. I know. It’s been too long. How’s the video blogging stuff going? Really fun. I’m having fun with it in New York. Good. Yeah. Rock it out. I’m going to check out that latest episode. That’s really nice. Desi. Hey. What’s up? Man, I heard you’re finally getting out
of Jersey, going to D.C. Definitely man. Treasury Department, right? Yeah, yeah, your home town dude. See I don’t trust you with my money, but
congratulations anyway, you know what I mean? Congratulations. Good to see you. But hold up a minute. Before we get too carried away with this terminator
vision, when we last left Babak and his team they had only managed to put one measly pixel
on a lens. That’s like staring at a flashlight compared
to a TV screen. This idea’s going to need some work. The first pixel was definitely the most difficult. So, going from one to ten is going to be a
lot easier than going from zero to one. And I think it will get definitely easier
and easier probably up to a point and then again get more difficult as we get to extremely
small dimensions. It would take about a million pixels to create
the images we want. And you can’t do that by hand. So, Babak’s gang dreamed up a short cut. It’s a technique called self-assembly. They make a liquid containing thousands of
free floating pixels. Then they sandwich a circuit board between
two pieces of glass. When they pour the liquid into the sandwich
the pixels stick to the metal on the circuit board. With a breakthrough or two a real bionic lens
could be on the market. Then you’ll never be blown off by someone
you’re sure you know. You’ll get instant info or quick reminders
on everyone you meet. You’ll never have to wonder who they are
or what they’re like. How are you?

100 thoughts on “Can This Bionic Lens Give You Smart Vision?

  1. This reminded me of a episode of DORAEMON where he gives a specs gadget to Nobita, so that Nobita could score good marks in his exam.

  2. I have keratoconus and have to wear contacts, and it's horrible. If this becomes reality, I'll finally get something out of it

  3. and now i used that bionic for school
    example :

    teacher: answer this who discover gravity
    me: hmmm i want to pee but i lie and use bionic
    teacher: now answer
    me: isaac

  4. Knowing where a person works, where they are from, their name all that from just looking at them lol fk off

  5. Thats lame considering that we already have fully functional sonar vision that can even transmit color. The government definitely uses it to spy on you btw

  6. they did this in the tv show sliders in the early 90s. "slide by wire" . this show looks like it sucks.

  7. you need a battery to run those fake lenses.😂😂 imagine running a wire along with those lense to pocket.

  8. They said 2 yrs from now and vid was recorded in Aug 2015. Latest Ocumetics update April 2019 on website says they adapted the design for mass production and therefore have to reinitiate preclinical trials which will set them 1yr back. Currently expect approvals in about 2yrs from now(2019). So aim for 2021 at the earliest.

  9. its a cool idea but think about it its lowkey going to be like creeping in on somone to another level to where i dont evem have to know someone to know them

  10. i can imagine being able to scroll my twitter feed without actually having to touch my damn phone maybe then i could make interaction alot easier

  11. So that means your going to have to have a camera in it too for itself to see things and look them up but it never says that sooo

  12. Excellent. Wherever you walk someone will bombard you with commercials and your usable field of vision is reduced to nothing.

  13. I wouldn't mind a VR headset that can fit onto a pair of wrap around glasses instead of wearing a 6 inch mobile phone holder in front of your face. We already have tech that can do this, why does it need such a huge device to make a VR headset?

  14. Screw the internet. I just want really good vision up close, far away, and everywhere in between. Tired of needing reading glasses.

  15. And, as far as I understand, you need to connect wireless to ex. phone (logic, it can't be connect via cable) by bluetooth for example. But then, if you are connect to a network, someone can enter to it and connect to your motherfucking eyes and make you see things that doesn't exist (ex. change someone face, for bank robbing, murder or something).

  16. Id love to have a hud from like halo or gta with a mini map sending texts instantly by thinking it. The future sounds fun

  17. This can turn on to a good innovation for people who become sight lost from accidents, glucoma , retina problems and poor vision in birth we can expect like technology in future

  18. And then they'll play paid ads in our eyes to keep it for free to use & no wonder if they get all our infos, like what we see. Etc.

  19. I found its very irritating to drop a eyedrop so how can i put lenses on my finger and then put foriengh thing in my eyes its veryyyyyyyy irritating 😨😨😨😨😨😨

  20. this technology will push people to want to be RFID chipped (RFID needed for it to work), when your the only person left using old cell phone technology and looked at like a conspiracy theorist because you didn't want to be chipped and tracked by the government 😉


  22. The project initiator or key investor must have struggled with remembering people and their names for his entire life (aka poor social skills) to be spending millions, if not billions on the research and development of the lens….

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