Can Peyronie’s Disease Affect Me? | Moor Medical

You know lots of guys worry about
Peyronie’s disease, it’s a nasty disease that causes a curvature in the penis and
this curvature can be at varying degrees. At it’s worst it makes sexual intercourse impossible. Lots of men are affected, young and old
and it’s usually caused by some trauma to the penis. Most guys don’t get it
but if you do, if you notice any curvature at all in the penis then you
should seek medical help and this usually comes in the form of a Urologist
who is a specialist in this kind of medicine and surgery. At Moorgate, we see
lots and lots of men who have Peyronie’s disease of varying degrees and we offer
a consultation with a Urologist so you can get some professional advice. If
you’re worried about a curvature of your penis, especially if you think it’s
getting worse then give us a call, we’ll make an appointment for you for a
consultation. That’s all from me today, I’ll look forward to seeing you soon back
here at Moorgate. Until then, bye for now.

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