Can Olive Oil Be Used as a Personal Lubricant?

The following program contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised. It’s time to ask the doctors. Here’s an email question from Rosalynn. She writes, “My husband puts olive oil all over his body, “including his privates, and as a result, when we have sex, “I’m constantly getting an infection. “He says this has nothing to do with it, “but I think it does because I know “women are so sensitive down there. “What do you think?” Well, Dr. Nita I’m gonna let you settle this. Who’s right?
(audience laughing) Rosalynn or her husband? Well, my first question is honestly, why is your husband putting olive oil all over his body, (laughs) like on a regular basis? But then (laughs) that’s not what she asked, so we’ll focus on the question. (audience laughing) When you put olive oil in that region, you can throw off the balance between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria, it can definitely increase the probability of infections, like bacterial vaginosis. You might get a thin watery discharge with the fishy odor if you get that. You can also have an increased probability of yeast infections, so a thick white discharge, with some itching. Overall, you don’t wanna disrupt that Ph. Olive oil is not the way to go. And also if you’re using a condom for protection, then realize that oil will actually weaken the latex and increase the probability of an unintended pregnancy, or if you’re using it for prevention of sexually transmitted infections, it will also increase the probability of infections like that. So I would say to her husband, if you love your wife’s vagina, please stop bathing it in olive oil. (Dr. Ordon) Yes!
(audience cheering) I mean, that has to be so messy. Olive oil stains. You’re gonna get it all over your sheets. ‘Cause it’s all over his body. Ever see a beauty tip on the Internet that seems just too doggone good to be true? You wanna know if it’s legit, health wack or just plain wack or hack wack (makes silly sounds) (audience laughs) Hack or wack? That’s what we’re doing. We’re gonna break it down right now. Check out this viral video from YouTube star Jessie B, who says she’s discovered the perfect trick for grooming down there. Hello, my beautiful friends. Today, we’re gonna be talking about shaving your downstairs. We’re not going to use shower gel. We’re not gonna use shaving cream. We’re not gonna use conditioner. This is what has saved me, okay. (makes ahhh sounds) Olive oil. Yes, I said it, olive oil, the one you use to cook your food with. This stuff is amazing. Amazing. So what I like to do is I would just pour a little bit in my hands and then I would basically just like soak the area in olive oil. So like anywhere I want to shave, it’s going to really soften your hairs and get them really prepared for shaving. It’s also moisturizing the area while softening the hairs. Thank you guys so, so much for watching. (makes kissing sound) Olive oil for pubic shaving? Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Monica Kiripolsky is here to give her professional opinion. (audience applauds) Now we love doing the hack or wacks. We haven’t done one on olive oil and pubic shaving. So, hack or wack? So this one is actually wack. (audience groans) I tried this myself. (Dr. Stork) You did? (Dr. Nita) Talk about taking one for the team. I used actually both California and Sicilian olive oil, just to be scientific about it. (Dr. Ordon)You really put it to the test. I did. I did. And let me just tell you I will never look at a salad the same way again. (audience laughs) Oils clog our pores. We all know that, so the last thing we want in this area is to have clogged, itchy pores, which is exactly what I developed after doing this technique. I’m assuming that after, did you develop some Folliculitis… (Dr. Kiripolsky) Yes. and really inflamed and… (Dr. Kiripolsky) Itchy, uncomfortable And that would probably happen with any oil down there, wouldn’t it? Yes. Theoretically? Exactly. So you would never do this again? I would never do this again and I think an even bigger concern is the risk of falling. So I don’t think, it’s sort of like a slip and slide in there, a few days later. Oh, I didn’t think about that. And the last thing any of us wanna do is slip and fall to our death while we’re shaving our pubic hair. (audience laughs) I know you have some shaving tips, don’t you? I do. So, one thing to think about, I like to say, “Set it and forget it.” Get in the shower, put the shaving cream on, let it sit. Soften the hair while you’re washing your hair on your head, washing your body. Then at the end of your shower, go back and shave the area. The hair will soften. That’s exactly how I shave my face and when I manscape. And when you manscape? That’s a lot of information. Thank you. (audience laughs)

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