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[TITLE — California Pacific Medical Center:
New Experiences]>>JEANIE: My name is Jeanie Ringelberg. I’m a 3rd year medical student who is completing
her medicine clerkship here at CPMC. I think our time here at CPMC is definitely
an extraordinary addition to our education at Geisel, not only for the different experiences in
terms of patients but also giving feedback and making sure that you grow as a student, and, you know, helping you to you get to wherever
you want to be at the end of this rotation.>>JEANIE: Do you feel like you’re short of
breathe when you’re off the oxygen?>>PATIENT: I don’t feel that I’m short of
breathe, but this feels good.>>DAVID JACOBSON: Watching the students change
from the first day on rotation to the end of their seven weeks here. And hearing from a lot of students that they
finally get it, that the light bulb turns on and they sort
of… they now know what it is they’re supposed
to be doing in the care of the patients, how to communicate better. I think that’s really exciting that we’re
able to help that development along.>>DANA LIN: Being an intern here and seeing
Dartmouth student around, I think it’s a great, um, opportunity for them to see a lot of different
types of patients. There’s Russian speaking patients, there’s
Cantonese speaking patients, there’s Korean patients.>>JEANIE: You know I’ve never really had
to work with translators before. And, so, you know, working through a translator
whether it’s the Russian language, or, you know, Mandarin, these are all new experiences
that have been great.>>DAVID JACOBSON: I think the biggest thing
they gain is the ability to see a different patient population. They get to deal with more complicated social
dynamics, different relationship to health, different family dynamics.>>JEANIE: And the different conditions that
you see too, you know I saw a woman who was just covered
head to toe in lice, she was homeless, um, and I had never seen
anything like that before, so… This has definitely allowed for new experiences

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  1.  CPMC treats their employees like crap. They over load them with work and expect them to maintain their performance standards. And if they do not, they terminate them like an old TV set. You don't hear these things on the outside!  You only hear "Beyond Medicine."

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