C. Eric Wooten MD, Radiation-Oncology, MUSC Health – Florence Medical Center

My personal treatment
philosophy has always been to follow the
golden rule, and that’s from every facet of
treatment from the time you walk through those
doors to be treated. People are afraid. I want them to be
greeted with a smile. When they sit down
to meet with me, I want to make sure I take the
time to really explain things to them, go through
the history leading up to the radiation treatment so
there’s really no question. And then, also, it colors
our treatment techniques. We used the latest and
greatest, following the most recent guidelines
and technologies. But really, to me, what makes
the biggest difference is the people I work with
are just phenomenal. They’re also competent
at their jobs. They make my job a lot easier. And patients love
it and honestly feel like they’re family, and come
back to visit us afterward, even without a follow-up.

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