14 thoughts on “Burns and Allen: Gracie Consults Dr. Kirby’s Problem Clinic

  1. "Ronnie Burns as Mr Leslie"   ???
    i guess they gave Ronnie's walk-on role at 7:48 a character name.

    now what's up with "Lucille Curtiss as Mrs X" ?
    how bizarre – imdb has a listing for an actress named Lucille Curtiss –
    born in 1919 – with a long list of credits spanning the years 1945 to 1963
    including the role of Mrs X in this episode of Burns and Allen.

    i'll just bet there's a short segment deleted from this video
    where Dr Kirby was speaking with a Mrs X just before Gracie
    came on as Mrs Y. and maybe that's where Ronnie was tagged as Mr Leslie.

  2. I must have seen this two dozen times but each time I come back I am nearly IN TEARS with the laughter with that beautifully convoluted ending!!!!!!!

  3. I like this one: funny, tightly written, timed perfection; and quite unexpected brilliance that made Burns and Allen so successful in the early days of TV…
    :08 to 1:35
    2:30 to 5:28 when all those roaring eggheads condemn the 50s for being so June Cleaver, they should check this scene out.

    14:53 to 16:39
    1840 to the very end. A worthy classic ending to a classic Allen and Burns

  4. If you ever look at the 1942 draft cards for men over 42, you can find George Burns.  He lives on Maple in Beverly Hills and his employer is a soap (was it Duz? I forget).  He is described as BALD!  He supposedly had quite a collection of toupes.  I think his hair looks 100% natural in these shows.  Anyway – funny episode.

  5. Schwab's Drug Store, like so many other historic Hollywood/LA spots, doesn't exist anymore.
    Like the Brown Derby, it was closed in the early 1980s and eventually torn down for a shopping mall/parking lot/etc.
    They never let nostalgia get in the way of making a buck in LA, do they? It's the least sentimental town about its own major industry…

  6. I wonder IF Gracie ad libbed that small line AFTER she told George that she would give George her blue dress. The reason I was wondering is because when she told George "I only wore it once", George seemed slightly surprised, judging by his quick laugh😊. By the way, It is nice to read the kind, decent comments that people leave about this show.

  7. This episode was particularly zany. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I love Gracie; she's tops. Many thanks for posting this gem!

  8. Gracie is so young for her age. In most of these shows she's either late 50s early 60s. I've discovered this show now in 2019. And I'm 57. I should have found it before.

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