Building the MediCinema at Guy’s Hospital

Having taken an awful lot out of the industry
for a number of years, we thought it was an ideal fit for us as a business to put something
back and get involved in something that we knew about and seemed like a really good cause.
We had a big demolition project to start with. We then got into the construction of the framework which essentially forms the skeleton of the build. People who wouldn’t usually be able
to access film and the sort of escapism that film offers, are able to access film and 3D and that immersive experience. I think you can sum it up in one word, it’s normality. It’s a
normal thing to go to the cinema. You probably think nothing of doing that yourself. When
you’re banged up in hospital with an illness, you’ve got machines, you’re hooked up, you
can’t. Normality is outside. So MediCinema brings that. It’ a release for 2, 3 hours,
away from a ward where you can go with a family or loved one and it takes you away from it. Rather than patients going and sitting in a small lounge somewhere with a television and a DVD they’re actually going to a cinema. The cinema environment within the hospital is no different to any other cinema across the country. It’s the same equipment and it’s
the same experience from the sound to the 3D to the seats. The design and the construction are to exactly the same standards that we apply to cinemas all over the world. If people can see MediCinema and they can see the benefits that it brings to patients I would just ask them please to dig deep and get involved.

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    Find out how @MediCinema is bringing film to our patients and their families at Guy's Hospital.

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