100 thoughts on “BUILDING THE FUNNIEST HOSPITAL | Two Point Hospital

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  2. This is the modern version of Theme Hospital. A lot of the people that made the old game is on this team too. They sold the name so they can't call it theme hospital 2, but that is basically what it is. A new, modern and better version of the old game.

  3. I feel bad that I am just now watching this series… Since the jacksepticeye how did we get her show is log since over.

  4. I first saw Call Me Kevin play this game and there's a BIG difference lmao *cause he ruins the hospital, as usual

  5. I realize Jack has never played a game like this before but gotta give credit where credit is due, Theme Hospital did all this way before Two Point Hospital did. Still this looks like a pretty cool game, might get it now

  6. Game devs watch jack to make sure everything is running smoothly.

    They watch Kevin to stop people from cheating.

  7. For the bathrooms you had to make it to where a certain gender could use it. That’s why there wasn’t any doors and that guy wouldn’t use it

  8. Jack I know u did / will see me again
    I bought the ticket and had a blast😁😀😁😀😁😀

  9. When I saw the medicine thing in the pharmacy, I thought it was a wheel of random meds.
    Patient: walks in
    Pharmacist: Lets spin the wheel of random!!!

  10. When jack said,
    “Dundee Mifflin, This is Pam”
    I just had a flash back when I used to watch it and I just remembered the good days

  11. Seriously I'm still playing Theme Hospital at home every once in a while, so while everything was so nice and nostalgic and fun, I kept being annoyed at how Jack was running his hospital and setting up his rooms XD

  12. 7:13
    As Jack said ‘Mia Fingers’ I turned to my iPad, looked confused as all hell and just thought ‘I do what now?’

    Then I realised I was an idiot and it was a character in the game and not just a remark that I thought was referred to me in my slow ass train of thought.

  13. Nobody…
    Not a single atom on earth…
    Jacksepticeye: BuY eNoUgH dRuGs UnTiL yOu ThInK yOu HaVe bUiLt A hOsPiTaL.

  14. Looks over at wall
    "Did I get it right? Did I nail it?
    "Theres no one over there. I'm talking to no one. I'm on my own"
    XDxDxD Had me fooled for a min.

  15. I DIED when he quoted the office like I heckin love that show so much i was like OH MY GOD JACK KNOWS IT TOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH MMMMOOM GUESSS WHATTTTTTT

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