Build Health + Hope in an Armenian Community

We moved here in 1995 and have been living here since. We have never had a medical center in the village. My home has been the clinic. I visit patients in three villages: Harar, Khachgetik and Aghavnatun. I see newborns, pregnant women, patients with high blood pressure, people with all kinds of illnesses. We received a van for the village 2 years ago. Before that, I went everywhere by foot. I’ve managed to reach my patients even in rainstorms and hailstorms. If they’ve called me, it means they need me. Our village has depopulated and repopulated three times. It is difficult for people to live here. In short, our life is tough. Really The clinic is very important for everyone, because nobody is guaranteed good health. This is not only about the health of an individual. It’s about the sustainability and healthy progress of an entire community.

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