Buckeye Baby a Virtual Tour at Ohio State University Medical Center

>>MARK LANDON, MD: Welcome. I’m Dr. Mark Landon,
Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Ohio State University Medical
Center.>>JACKIE BUCK, PhD, RN: And I’m Jackie Buck,
Director of Nursing at Ohio State’s Maternity Center. Every year we welcome more than 4,000 babies
into the world, and we’re excited about the possibility of welcoming yours.>>DR. LANDON: Each of these new families relies
on us for our skill and expertise, but it’s the warmth and attention that our team delivers
to each new mom and each new Buckeye Baby. That’s what sets maternity care apart at Ohio
State.>>DR. BUCK: So what can you expect when it’s
your time to join the Buckeye Baby family here at Ohio State?>>DR. LANDON: Let’s begin your tour.>>SANDY, RN: Hi, I’m Sandy, a nurse in labor and
delivery. We’d like to begin where you’ll begin when
you have your baby with us here in our birthing suites. Our birthing suites are designed to provide
you with the comforts of home in a warm and welcoming environment. Our suites are spacious
and comfortable. Each one has a private bathroom complete with
large showers with seats and removable massaging shower heads. Whether you want to sit or lie down, we have
soft over-sized gliders and warm adjustable beds. And if you need them, birthing aids including
squatting bars and birthing balls are all available as well. We’ve also outfitted our birthing suites with
comforting amenities to help you relax and focus. From TVs to DVD and CD players, we’re here
to make sure you have everything you need. During your time in labor and delivery, you
and your baby will be attached to monitors that are connected to our assessment center
just steps away. This allows us to monitor your baby’s vitals
during labor. And should you need them, our state-of-the
art surgical suites are located just down the hall and on the same floor. So if you
are having your baby by C-section or need special attention for any reason, you can
rest assured that our renowned staff of high-risk specialists are here around the clock. And when the time comes, we encourage your
support person to join you, to help with labor and delivery. For your other family and friends, we have
a large comfortable waiting area with televisions, a vending area so they can get something to
eat or drink, and plenty of room to stretch out while they wait. And there’s no shortage of adorable Buckeye
Baby pictures to look at around our maternity center. For a complete list of places to eat and where
to park while your visitors are here, you’ll notice various links on this page. It’s a good idea to check this out before
heading to the hospital. Once your baby arrives, we gently hand you
over to a skilled team of caregivers, dedicated to making your first moments together as safe,
comfortable and memorable as possible.>>MEGAN, RN: Hi, I’m Megan, one of the nurses
on the postpartum team. We’re here to help you take care of your new baby and transition
you from your birthing suite to the room where you’ll spend the rest of your stay with us. Those first moments with your new baby can
be magical. You will hold your new baby immediately, because this kind of skin-to-skin nurturing
has been proven to help foster the mother-baby bond and even help with such things as calming
your infant and improving feeding. We’ll also help support you in breastfeeding
your baby from the first hours of birth to encourage successful feeding right from the
start. We strive to keep you and your baby together
as much as possible during those first two hours. That’s why most baby care, including
baths, physicals and routine observations are done in the privacy of your room on our
mother-baby unit. Warm, comfortable beds allow you to keep your
baby close by and to capture those first few precious moments. We have a photographer available,
so don’t forget to bring along baby’s first outfit for pictures. You can even share those moments with friends
and family on our secure internet photo galleries. Once you and your baby are in your postpartum
room, our nurses will be with you every step of the way to help ease you into motherhood,
a brush up on your skills if it’s been a while. Our nurses will check on your regularly. We’ll
keep a close eye on both you and your baby’s progress. This is with feeding and diapering
and answer all the questions that you may have. Please take advantage of this special time
with our maternity experts. After all, we’re just for you. Throughout your stay, your baby will rarely
be out of your sight. If your baby does need to go to the nursery, your family is welcome
to join us, and they can stay for most of the testing and care the baby may need. Should your baby need special attention, we
are prepared and equipped to provide the highest level of newborn care in our Level III neonatal
intensive care unit, called the NICU. This is the highest level of care and accreditation
a hospital can receive. And for your safety and piece of mind, you,
your support person and your baby will all wear wristbands that are constantly checked
and verified by every person who interacts with your baby. All visitors in and out of our secure maternity
areas are required to be verified and admitted through locked doors. When it’s time to go home, we’ll give you
a detailed booklet that outlines daily care and feeding routines for your baby, covers
health and safety tips, as well as providing answers to many common questions. And of course, you can always call our staff
here with any questions or concerns you may have.>>DR. BUCK: We know what a special and personal
time this is in your life, and we want you to know we’re here for you and your baby.
So feel free to call us to learn more about Ohio State’s Maternity Center.>>DR. LANDON: And when it’s time to add a
new member to your family, we hope you will consider welcoming a Buckeye Baby at Ohio
State University Medical Center.

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