BSc Children’s Nursing – Hazel’s story | University of East Anglia (UEA)

Hi, I’m Hazel and I’m a third year children’s nurse at UEA. I’ve always wanted to come into the medical profession since I was young and then when I was little, my cousin went into hospital and I just watched the nurses build him up and get him back to full health and now he’s happy and fulfilled his prospects. I applied to UEA because it was high in the league tables and it was just far away enough from home so that my parents didn’t have
to come off every time but then I could pop home if I needed. Also I really like
the enquiry-based learning format, where we get given case look scenarios to
look at as in little groups. Being a children’s nurse, you not only work with children but you work with their families as well which can be anyone
really – that’s mum’s, dad’s, aunts, uncles… anyone and you may also see
different professionals depending on the child and their age, so like health
visitors when they’re really young. or you might have a specialist nurse if
they have a specific condition, or you also have the occupational
therapists, physiotherapists, doctors… and you’re really in charge of becoming an advocate for that child and leading their care. I think one patient I always remember was a baby that was admitted and she was only given like a few weeks to live. I was like at first I didn’t
want to be part of that care because I don’t want to be here when she dies, but
she was absolutely amazing. She was blind… but the smile she gave you – it was
worth it and then when I left she was still going and then I went back to the
placement the other day and they were talking about this baby and it’s ten
months down the line and she’s still here and it just made my day! My most memorable moment so far… that’s a really tough one because there’s so many opportunities I’ve had, for instance
I’ve watched electroconvulsive therapy which was
really interesting when I had a mental health placement and Ieamt about that, but also I’ve seen babies being born which was absolutely amazing – and you don’t you don’t imagine it to look like it’s gonna look.

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