Broken Arm Emergency – Rushed to Hospital – Setting Bones & Splint Cast

hey I shall have this shopping cart and hydrant Leon Wilson why’d you fall out for much fun fine you
don’t like your job in Chile you know I’m Jane Curtin so my field is
here what happened to this arm plug in it
it’s not where they give you your medicine does it make it feel better it hurt and then that is a progressive
actual appeal patrols are cute on TV all right did they take a picture of your
arm myself alone so the x-ray thank you today I want to be a doctor when I grow
up and I’ll give and I’ll be very here pleased with this job thing is there are
n just little purple thing engine yeah we’ll get some sense sitting here and give or my turn into the crackers and
some tea to dip it in all Canadian stuff and do the x-ray what
that’s all so I’m gonna tell them I don’t know you chose to get off this
clean to be honest PDF here it shows us how staff in part is going topic how
fast it’s going or can you Maximus well we had to keep
this on because it helps just want to make sure and make sure you’re home
believe me yes I’m sorry see the garden is on Caroline they’re so cute is what
their real game why did you get a purple bear because I
was laughter tie each other and right you Peter kind of goes around from the back
so they can’t move in there but she’ll has to open the side to his room afraid
for me okay you’re Sunni groans with you that’s good
now gymnastics couple months and act normal climbing ladders so you can track the center Carlos unless you know that either one hand in
Carlisle we’re not going to attempt that we might
end up back here restriction for some you know we like a little dancing you
north kids count Logan both you give them a little bit of item culture okay
before you hear something pretty much grab tonight tray just mighty for open
and that might be plenty okay magic for Russia yes Trinity Trinity hey listen up boys often play have that
kind of the five appendix will be away please swings you wanted weather and
kind of heal up a little bit towards hard look the school was out of hand
right like wanted to wait like in yes college in 2001 a truck how come y’all ready and
I ain’t quite horses to be so maybe we don’t apple juice maybe try and
find out of this you want something else honey okay when
I broke her hair when she comes back lost in his own shoes you want to try
another cable here Alan gets quite horns so okay try are you sure if that was you who was my oh my hat or okay when she
comes back can you ask for the horseshoe okay Gillis your caster you guys look I
got there things slowly he went like rapid on I’ll return the youtubers off
okay see you later huh maybe it wasn’t want their pity you can all
the cut off her glasses would you can go it was hard sitting on the wrong paid
off they’re really taking off a band-aid huh oh she got it trained what’s it going to
be on baby wear that I’m gonna bandage for that I’m going to
do something better I’m going to put purple stuff on a minute band-aid fix
and then you have to pull the band-aid off a number again so I’m going to put
stuff on the phone we see how that is done that sounds like 14 minutes every month hey perfect Christian you

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