Bringing Structure & Volume to the Male Face – Defining the Chin & Correcting Minor Asymmetry

you’ve got your picture here it’s a very
good picture and the thing is that you mentioned symmetry so one thing I will
say to you have a look around in your sort of in your world or in your family
or friends and try to find one person that has a symmetrical face because the
the magic answer is you want you at four the only one who’s got a symmetrical
face and I think before we were preoccupied with symmetry and there was
this almost Greek hero a Greek who and modelesque face that was a very
symmetrical but what the studies have shown is that actually it’s the
irregularity it’s the slight asymmetries in people’s faces that are what are
perceived to be more attractive so i’d say while i can try to help you to
achieve perhaps a little bit more symmetry trying to chase after an
absolute symmetrical faces it’s probably a losing game but if we have a look at
your I’ll give you the iPad and you can mark out for yourself what you might
like me to focus on so I think okay in some definition and maybe somehow
balancing this out a little bit maybe a little bit and see there’s some like
there’s some fullness here so if you were able to sort of create some sort of
a hollow here yeah okay they’re kind of the main areas I think yeah okay so I think
now if we go on to Ben’s side profile and we’ll have an alternative look at
things you might want to want me to focus on when we do your treatment so
I’ll allow you just to have a look and maybe Mark out areas so definitely
around here so just a little bit more definition all right
so no maybe lifting this area here so it’s just a bit more of a hollow
underneath it looks really flat okay just sort of enhance that plane and
definitely here so more of a projection oh yeah I mean interesting you know I
think I quite agree so we have like it almost ideal facial profile where your chin actually
comes forward mmm classically quite quite a bit more forward particularly
for sort of a more masculine look and yeah we can certainly achieve that with
a bit of with a bit of filler for you though but it’s one of these sort of
dense fillers so I’ve actually had it done recently and then feels like like
an implant yeah and technically it is an implant because it’s very very hard to
break down and it can be broken down but it takes a long long time growth so
that’s the filler will select for here and I also think if you look here
there’s a bit of a shadow here mm-hmm so perhaps if we try a little bit of a
lifting out there and I notice just underneath your eye not I suppose it’s
where the cheek blends into the lower eyelid yeah there’s a little bit of a
depression yeah and this is I mean none of our treatments are really about anti
aging or turning back the clock they’re much more about enhancing your
natural attractive features and I think that is all about making you look a
little bit more awake great good so I think yes as well and adding a little
bit of volume here we can also focus on your jaw line a touch more here and
perhaps increase the the lateral dimensions of your face a bit there as
well so we’ll probably try some filler along the ascending part of the jaw good
okay and perhaps if you want perhaps a little bit in the lip as well just to
give because what will happen is once we strengthen the chin and although your
lips are quite full in real life I just notice here inside profile there’s a
little there’s a little bit deficient volume there so it that will become more
pronounced when we do your chin so perhaps if we put a drop of volume in
your in your upper and lower lip at the same time true okay and you’ll be you’ll
be very very swollen for a day or two yeah but when that settles down it will
look much much more harmonized great okay okay and I agree with you I think
if we try some filler treatment to give some definition
in the arch of the cheek so the cheekbone is there the major part of the
bone is there it’s called the body and then it continues on to join the rest of
the skull as an arch and that arch is that like a thin piece of bone but
that’s what gives that top model look yeah and in men what we do is we if we
make that quite pronounced give lots of definition there it gives an illusion of
a hollow just underneath there which i think is what you’re saying yeah so
hopefully that will give you what you want right I mean that’s what I would
like to do and basically using some dermal filler to bring some structure
and some volume the other thing I’m going to just show you sorry I’m going
to go back a bit because there’s another picture I wanted to have a look at which
is you when you’re smiling I mean like I think it’s quite pleasant when when a
man has some degree of movement and sort of facial expression and even some of
these smile lines are quite attractive and but I don’t know is that something
you’d want to I think probably not I think they were like them you liked them
as well perfect good the same page great yeah
okay so other than that we were talking about doing some some structural changes
with with dermal filler is there anything else you think you might like
to ask me or any concerns you might have about the treatment or any questions at
all this is the same product that you use in the chin that you do up you know
so in the chin because we have we’re going to be doing the treatment at a
different plane and Anatomy and we want it to do something different to what
it’s doing on the chin or the cheek sorry and we’re gonna use a different
viscosity of filler okay so it’s just I mean it’s all about using the correct
paint for the correct part of the painting so for example eat here just
underneath the eye we are going to use a very very soft filler it’s often called
a skin booster just to lift out that area without being obvious but that’s
going to be the lightest lightest dermal filler that we’ve got okay okay but
we’re pretty much everywhere else we’re going to be using fairly dense fairly
high viscosity product to give structure great okay hmm
any other questions at all? swelling swelling okay so if you look at my face
you can see I’ve got a fair bit of swelling yeah I’m just here and here and
this will settle usually within about a week’s time and the interesting thing is
not being on the receiving end of this treatment I can tell you what you feel
like don’t you feel like pressing it and getting rid of that sensation and almost
as soon as you’ve had it done and however much I’m telling myself that
it’s normal and it will pass that’s all I can you know I can’t wait til it’s
gone no but you know by by the thousands of
patients that I’ve treated I can tell you that are swelling usually settles
between a week or two and it really starts to feel much more integrated and
much more part of your own face great so here’s what we did later right so we’re
starting Ben with the towel light in the middle corner of each under-eye area
we’re using tiny tiny amounts of 0.15 milliliter each side just to create a
little bit of a lift and to make the eyes look a little less sunken and this
was the first time we were doing a treatment so I didn’t want to put too
much in but you can see that it makes quite a nice difference already and then
we went on to give him some cheek augmentation with one of the most
lifting products out there which is made by Restylane it’s called Lyft it has a
very very good viscosity and the acts like pillars of support for the cheek
area and we used a half a syringe each side with a deep bolus technique again
to give a lift in the cheek contour similarly we used a product called
defined which is also made by Restylane and we used a cannula technique to give
contour in the cheek bone here I used define again a very small amount of
point two milliliters in each temple to create a more softer journey from the
brow to the cheek and to give a little bit more harmony here we’re using ultra
3 made by Juvederm and we’re using 0.5 milliliters of as half a syringe each
side at the base of the nose to create a bit of a lift and less of a
shadow close to the nose so now we’re using Volux from Juvederm and this is
their currently their stiffest most viscous product so it’s ideal for
creating volume and contour in the jaw line and we use quite a lot when you’ve
nearly 2 milliliters of the product spread out across the jaw line to create
symmetry and to create definition here we’re using the same product again
Volux in tiny aliquots at the base of the chin to give strength and contour to
this area and it gives a most strong look inside profiles as well finally we
used that product again along the mental crease and with a canyon approach to
bring the chin slightly forward and to give more strength again finally we used
Juvederm Ultra 3 with a cannula approach to soften the appearance of these
troughs near the nose which are commonly called the nasolabial folds and in a
young person it’s quite acceptable to soften them out and to reduce some of
the shadow there so you could see that the that the nasolabial folds are
lifting out ever so slightly with a small amount of product hi guys so it’s
been a month since Ben had his treatment with us and now we’re back to here the
back for him to dish the dirt really and tell us all about what he thinks about
the treatment that we did and where we might go from now so Ben what do you
think really happy the one thing that was surprising was the minimal downtime
so it was about I think after the treatment was a bit of pain but after
that I didn’t have any swelling or bruising because I think one of the
things that we asked you to look at before you have a treatment and we get
you to sign a form we ask you to sign a form that kind of
another communication point and it lists all these common things like bruising
swelling pain and it sounds like you’ve had quite a good ride of it early yeah
okay and also in terms of in terms of healing you mentioned you didn’t get
much bruising you didn’t get much swelling we did talk before you had some
you need to take some painkillers yeah I took painkillers in the treatment okay
and then the next day okay so not too bad yeah okay yeah yeah definitely and
okay so a next question for me is you’ve you’ve obviously seen the results before
and after you we kind of study our faces a lot more once we’ve had a treatment
what do you like the most about what we did for you I think the that I look a
little bit more awake with people and also the sort of projection on the
cheekbone that’s something that I’ve always wanted and it was really sort of
obvious take away from the session and maybe down the track I’d like that but
as as a kind of ultimate goal that was brilliant and we we use quite a put lot
products in your jaw as well because I wasn’t sure whether we’d be able to get
symmetry for you quite as much as you wanted but but what do you think about
when you look at your face now do you feel like you’ve got more symmetry or is
it much the month much a muchness or yeah I definitely I mean I think it’s
one of those things had to notice but I do think I feel a lot more confident in
myself when I look at myself in the mirror and I think that’s probably a
result of a bit more symmetry great okay and I completely agree I think you’ve
had a really good result with the jaw line and that I did try to get symmetry
for you but I just I never promise it because sometimes it can be quite
difficult to to achieve and what about what we did for you just underneath your
eyes and the temple what do you think about that because yeah this really
this woke me off and aesthetically that really brought my eyes out a lot more
this was kind of bit of a surprise I didn’t expect that to happen or be one
of the treatments because I think when they’re handed a mirror at one side and
then you saw the other side that hadn’t been treated you know like that’s
different it was really noticeable yeah and what are we going to do now where
were we going to progress to what’s your focus now for the next areas of
treatment I think I’d like to probably brings a little bit more projection to
my chin and my cheekbones in the future but great good like I said I think this
is a good foundation for treatment and we can build on it but I think now you
just need tiny little tweakments just to get the result sort of maintained
yeah and that would don’t but that will hold for quite a long time because the
products we’ve used for you are quite stiff they’re quite viscous and they’re
cross-linked in such a way that they don’t disperse very quickly so they’re
there for a long time great and they even build a little bit of collagen for
you as well great so there’s it’s all good news me one thing we did talk about
at the beginning and it might be something you want to explore later is
preventative treatment for the upper eyelids yeah so I don’t know you
mentioned it to me but this is a treatment that involves a little bit of
downtime in the sense that you’d get a little bit of carbon crusts in the upper
eyelid but it tightens the whole upper eyelid area and again you would look a
little bit more awake good so that’s the that’s the purpose of that treatment
but that’s all in the future and we can we can hit those when you’re ready any
other thoughts I think I’m just generally really happy with the result
that’s great to hear there’s one thing I want to ask you because everyone’s
question about dermal filler treatment in particular is the pain that you might
experience and I reckon actually puts a lot of people off what do you think I
experience a little bit of pain during the treatment but I was a bit of a wuss
about it and in retrospect it wasn’t really as bad as it may look but I yeah
I didn’t experience that much pain try treatment so billion dollar question
would you do it again excellent that’s what we want to hear
then it was a real pleasure treating you at the clinic and hopefully we’ll see
you back again soon that’s all for now guys we’ve got a new patient treatment
video coming again in two weeks so stay tuned if you have any luck if you have
any questions any comments pop them in the comment section below and we’ll see
you soon bye for now you

20 thoughts on “Bringing Structure & Volume to the Male Face – Defining the Chin & Correcting Minor Asymmetry

  1. It was odd that there wasn't an intro, but I love the video! This guy has similar facial structure to me, so it was cool to see!

  2. I appreciate how Dr Kishan Raichura respected this mans natural attractiveness and so chose to enhance his natural features, not change them. Honesty, to my eye, he was perfect naturally. Sad that when he looks in the mirror he sees his teeny tiny, what he perceives as, flaws.

  3. I was going to ask about pain levels while watching the video but at the end was reassured by the young mans comment that the Tx was not as painful for him as his facial expressions seemed to show.  I would still have treatment myself…

  4. Omg 2 weeks is such a long time to wait 😭😭 I love watching your videos!!!! I’m getting my first ever fillers and Botox in a few weeks!!!! Can’t wait to see your next patient xx

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