100 thoughts on “Bringing Newborn Baby Home from the Hospital!

  1. Seeing the other kiddos with the new baby is just so darling! I would also bet money that Bailey becomes a nurse or midwife!! You can just tell how caring and nurturing she is 💕

  2. I always love watching Duncan interact with Luke because he is still very young and he just acts so cute around him and I love all your kids a lot.

  3. Do you think Luke's hair will turn blonde? My son was born with dark hair and when it started to fall out, once he started to move his head more, it grew in blonde. It was almost white. But, it turned dark again, when he was about 10.

  4. He is so cute i do agree he looks like jacob and love how the kids are so hands on and wanting to help that is so awesome

  5. A tip for the hospital bands is I brought a sweat band bracket and when I would nurse I would pull it over the bands to not cut babies face but then could easily be pulled down for the nurses to check on them

  6. Happy birthday bailey I love you so much you sweet girl you guys remind me so much of the shaytards I been binge watching they’re videos😃😃😃😃

  7. You have some of the most amazing, helpful, caring children on this planet! So happy for you all. Keep doing an incredible job like you two have been raising these lovely little ones 💙

  8. I love how patient Chris and Jess are with the kids. You can tell they love their new baby brother and can’t wait to see him grow up. ❤️

  9. In Canada they don’t give you or baby anything except for a knitted hat! But we don’t have to pay any hospital bills so, guess it’s okay 🤣

  10. Baby Luke is so cute congratulations on the new baby and I wish the baby to be as happy and healthy and that Luke has a great life

  11. I don’t watch often enough to know the answer to this. Does anyone know if Jessica had lash extensions ? Her lashes always look so amazing

  12. The comment section is a main reason I love family channels, everyone is so supportive and nice toward the family and it makes me happy 🙂

  13. To Parker: those toes must belong to….Duncan!! No…. JACOB!…..nooo IS IT L. U. K. E. 🥳

    I love you guys! I have really bad baby fever right now thanks to you! My wife and I have watched like all of YouTube on birth videos 😬

  14. Your great attitude and positive energy especially right after birth with a stressful pregnancy is absolutely inspiring!

  15. Welcome to the famliy luck you are going to be the BEST BABY EVER💖💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💞💓💖💖💝💘💘💘💝💝💗💗💓💓💞💕💕💕💕

  16. Parker that is a very hard question and here is what I’m gonna guess – I think they are Luke’s feet! But who knows maybe they are Christopher’s feet. Actually no Luke.

  17. I was really hoping it was a girl for Bailey but Luke is very cute and I think he will perfectly fit in to your family❤️

  18. My sister gave birth to her first baby, Owen, on November 2nd. She's had a lot of the same issues you and Luke have had so I shared the past few videos and she has been so thankful to see that she's not alone and to see a mom who has multiple kids going through struggles too.

  19. My father just died today and it's weirdly comforting to see the family bring a new life in while my family is letting go.

  20. I thought he had some serious special needs. A tongue tie isn't that serious. Did he end up being fine or can they not tell yet?

  21. don’t mean to sound rude but i remember during her pregnancy she needed to test for any idk disabilities? what was the baby born with cause he looks likes perfect

  22. I'm surprised the hospital hasn't switched to the paper/plastic type hospital bracelets that tape onto itself. That way there's no loose part at the end that can poke you.

  23. i love your family they are so helpful with the baby. It's great how the older ones always want to help out, Duncan is so gentle with his new baby brother.

  24. Parker. I think those feet were either bailey or jake😂 I think it's crazy that how small Luke is. Is how small I was as a baby!

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