Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower Won’t Start? Ignition Coil #590454

repair clinic encourages you to perform
this procedure safely in this video we will show one or more
of these icons to alert you when to use caution before you begin the repair make sure the engine has cooled and remove the wire and boot from the
spark plug your first step is to remove the starter
rope from the rope guide next removed the screws to release the
engine cover feed the starter handle through the
cover and set the cover aside now remove the screws securing the gas
tank and moved the gas tank aside be aware that some gasoline may spill
out next remove the mounting screw securing
the dip stick tub and remove the two from the
engine keep in mind that some engine oil may
spill remove the bolts securing the blower
housing and pull the housing off next remove the retaining screws to
release the old ignition coil disconnect the grounding wire and remove
the old coil prepare the new ignition coil for
installation by attaching the provided spark plug
boot or transferring the boot from the old
coil to the new one attach the grounding wire seat the coil and insert the mounting
screws use the provided instruction tag to
position the coil the correct distance from the flywheel then secure the screws position the blower housing on the
engine and secure the bolts carefully insert the dip stick tub be
into the engine sump and secure the mounting screw reposition the gas tank and reinstall the screws feed the starter handle through the
engine cover then aligned the cover and secure it
with the screws loop the starter rope onto the guide and reattached the spark plug wire and

18 thoughts on “Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower Won’t Start? Ignition Coil #590454

  1. Unfortunately we don't sell those connectors separately, Briggs only supplies the wiring harness. You should be able to find connectors at an electrical or electronics supply store.

  2. Probably the best step-by-step video I've seen. You know your topic and you know how to say it. Very nice.

  3. OK.. How do you replace the plug wire on this type of coil? The coils last forever, at least twice as long as the plug wire does.. Any junkyard will have an unlimited supply of good plug wires.. they are more than happy to give them out for a buck instead of $20++ for a new coil.. There's plenty of videos to replace the plug end, but not the magneto end..

  4. If the card is not available a standard business card can be used in its place to properly gap the ignition coil.

  5. Replaced coil because no spark after last mow job. Still have know spark. Driving me crazy. How do I check ignition coil off engine?

  6. i have been mowing my lawn without issue. pull it out, and nothing. i worked out my oblique muscles pretty good trying to start it. it did twice for like 5-10 seconds then cut out.

  7. Used your video tonight to replace my ignition coil. Awesome video, great instructions. Can’t thank you enough!

  8. I just finished fixing a problem that drove me wild for a few days. No spark….hmmm. Removed the cover. Cleaned the coil where it mounts to the case with sandpaper to ensure a good electrical connection. I also sanded the flywheel until it was clean and free of dirt and rust. Reassembled everything and still no spark. Being it was only a flywheel and the coil I assumed the problem was the coil. I ordered the OEM Briggs coil from Amazon ($30). I installed it and still no spark…aaarrrggghhh!!! I finally had an idea that I hadn’t thought of…..disconnect the grounding wire that is attached to the little tab on the coil. I pulled that little spade connector off and reassembled the cover and viola. It started and ran. I couldn’t believe it. I chased this problem for days only to find out that the safety mechanism that grounds out the spark when the handle is released was the cause of the problem. It was permanently disabling (grounding out) the coil whether the handle was pulled in or not. Moral of the story…..when chasing a no spark problem and you’re down to the coil disconnect the spade lug at the coil in order to omit that as a possible cause.

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