Bridgette’s Success with Dr. Anju Mathur and Angel Longevity Medical Center

okay so some years ago I started having
really bad hot flashes weight gain and fatigue and bla bla bla bla and then we
could solve it and I went to different people and then somebody told me about
Angela longevity and dr. Mathur so I came in here and checked off all the
boxes of bla bla bla bla you know so she started me on many things some hormone
replacement IVs specifically vitamin C IVs for me different supplements changed
up some of my food intake like the types of things that I was eating and you know
I wasn’t real keen on the whole IV thing but it’s actually been a massive change
so I’ve no more hot flashes I sleep through the night I don’t have night
sweats I don’t carry a portable fan with me anymore it’s like I feel like I’m
back to normal and then also discovered that I had like long existing viruses in
my body and that was so much of the fatigue so there was the hormone thing
which I had none, I mean I basically had none, you know, I don’t know how I was walking
around but then I have the viruses which is what the vitamin C and some of the
other stuff has handled now I’m described as that peppy person in the
office who’s so happy and have so much energy is what two clients have already
said it’s been wonderful I’m still doing stuff I’m so I’m only mid I’m like
halfway through you know because now I’m going to tackle some other things that
they weren’t as important if you if you’re so tired and you can’t stop
having hot flashes you’re not gonna get much done so now we’ve handled that and so
I’m just continuing on and brought my husband in I’m bringing
another friend in and you’re going to say about dr. Mathur, okay, dr. Mathur is
so smart and I just think that she can help anybody who’s out there with just
about anything I give angel longevity and the staff and
dr. mathur a plus and thumbs up

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