Brian Frame Talks about the Cardiac Rehab Program at CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute

I’m Brian Frame. I’m the exercise
physiologist here at CHI St. Vincent’s Heart Institute. So, cardiac rehab patients come to us Monday, Wednesday Friday. It’s a three day
a week program, 36 sessions. Even if you miss a visit, it doesn’t matter, because
they get 36 visits. We’re kind of unique, because
we do phase 3 which is the maintenance. Most cardiac rehab programs do the phase 2
which the exercise and monitor program but they don’t do the the maintenance.
It’s probably due to lack of space and lack of availability to staff to
stay here. Also, we do pulmonary rehab, which most cardiac rehab programs do not do and
so we can do treat both patients here. Some cardiac patients need the oxygen. If a cardiac rehab program does not do pulmonary rehab, then they may not
have oxygen cylinders or the pulse oximeters that we have. Our patients
here in cardiac rehab start moving into a healthier lifestyle and that
move to healthier lifestyle can will even mean a decrease in medication,
maybe elimination of some medications, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood
sugar. We have patients that have been with us for 15 years. They just feel
safer with us, as opposed to a gym. You go into a gym, you may or may not see a
staff member and they don’t know you. They don’t know your story. We know their
story from beginning to end.

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