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Hi everyone! Here we are in O.R. 1, this is
the number one operating room here at The Plastic Surgery Clinic, and what a lot of
people have asked me to talk about is implant projection. So, people want to know, what
is the difference between low projection, medium projection, moderate plus projection,
and high projection? What does that mean? Lots of people think that projection means
how high the implant stands. It doesn’t. Projection means how far out the implant projects or
sticks forward in the frontways direction. Let me show you 2 different implants. So these
implants, these 2 implants are both 400cc implants. But this implant is a high projecting
implant, and this implant is a moderate projecting implant. So you see this implant sticks out
more in the front to back direction than this implant does. But they’re both 400cc’s. Now,
if they’re both 400cc’s the higher projecting implant is also narrower. So if you look at
these 2 implants you see how this one is narrower than that one. So how do we decide which implant
to use? Well, remember, here at The Plastic Surgery Clinic, our number one motto is making
people look natural. So the number of cc’s is not as important as the look. So our goal
is to do 2 things: we want to create a breast which is natural looking, and has a beautiful
shape, and that means we need to pick the projection to match the patient. So what we
do is we measure the width of the breast, we have special calipers which is a special
measuring device which measures the width of the breast, we figure out how wide the
implant can be, and match the width of the implant to the width of the patient’s breast.
Then we figure out how much projection they need to get the volume they want. And so we’ll
pick either a moderate projecting implant, or a moderate plus projecting implant, or
a high projecting implant. Now, high projecting implants are generally for people who have
very narrow chests but want a fairly significant size, and they are really great at getting
you a large size if you’re small. The trouble is, they’re not quite as natural as the moderate
projecting implant. The problem with the moderate implant, though, is that it’s wide but not
very projecting. And so most implant companies now have something in between called the moderate
plus projecting implant and that’s the implant that we use the most often. Halfway between
moderate, halfway between high, but still gives a natural look. But remember, all of
those decisions are customized to your needs and desires and what you want, and so in some
patients we use moderate, in some patients we use moderate plus, and in some people we
use high, but always the decision is to make it look natural, because that’s what we want.
Thanks for watching.

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