Breast Cancer Surgery – Frankfort Regional Medical Center

Bryan Shouse, MD Breast cancer care at
Frankfort Regional Medical – Four of my strongest bonds
with, are the patients who have breast cancer. And I know it’s a very scary thing when they get that diagnosis
and I try to do everything I can to be positive and answer all of their questions and unfortunately all
those patients are going to have to have an operation. We try our best to not do
any more aggressive surgery than is necessary. We work extremely well with
our medical oncologists and radiation oncologists
in the community here. We’re all part of the
same cancer program here at the hospital. We get together, we
talk about the patients and we come together and come up with an overall plan for the care and I think I get the most satisfaction out of helping patients through that extremely difficult time
and coming out the other end with a really good
result and an expectation that their gonna live
their normal lifespan without having any further problems. Want more information?

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