Brad Erickson, MD

my wife I are both from Iowa and University of Iowa was just that you know
having spent four years here in medical school I knew that someday I’d wanna come back my trainings and reconstructive urology
and so I’d attended tell people that I liked for
the urinary tract back together this can be post cancer operations or patients have had trauma patients that have you urethral or urethral strictures and I deal with energetic biter
population as well. I really love the the patient problems that I deal
with most patients come to me with pretty bad problems that tend to affect
their quality of life and so my passion is having the ability
to make somebody’s life better there’s really nothing better than than
a patient coming back after surgery and telling me that their life is is new it’s like they can start over you know these are men that have had
erectile dysfunction for many years and now they don’t or they’ve had stress
incontinence for their entire lives they’ve been dealing with catheters our
entire lives another catheter free these are huge quality of life
improvements and a lot of those things we can offer
here. I think one of the reasons why you would consider the University of Iowa for these
types of problems are that we’ve faced these problems every day. You can
always tell that people there from Iowa or from the
midwest because we we tend to be a grounded type people and I think that a lot of people that find
themselves back here at the University of Iowa I feel like they’re giving back to state
gave so much.

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