Botox Testimonial Skin Vitality Medical Clinic

Hi, my name is Tina. And I’m 58 years old. I was referred to
Skin Vitality for Botox from a family member who
had a positive experience with the same procedure. I live a busy life with not
a lot of time to focus on myself. My main concern when coming
to Skin Vitality was to find a quick treatment to help with
the fine lines around my eyes, on my forehead and
between my eyebrows. The medical staff was
extremely knowledgeable and helped guide me in
the right direction. After a full consultation and
assessment with Dr. Martyn, I decided Botox was
the right treatment for my concerns, my lifestyle,
and my budget. The treatment itself
only took a few minutes. The sensation? Similar to a small bite. After the treatment I was
able to return to work and carry on with my
daily activities. I started to notice
the results about a week after the procedure. The lines around my eyes and
on my forehead started to minimize and my frown
lines totally relaxed. The best thing about Botox
is how quick and easy it is. It only takes three trips
to Skin Vitality per year to keep this youthful,
refreshed appearance.

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