Boston Medical Center Breastfeeding Resources

hi my name’s Renee Boynton-Jarrett i’m a
primary care pediatrician here at boston medical center and the founding director
of the vital village community engagement network if we think about
best milk we think about it as a child’s first food and infants first food we know that the first two thousand days
of life are critically important and set the foundation for future development
life trajectory both for health as well as developmental outcomes if a mom has
chosen to breastfeed being able to support her to do that is wonderful and
has a number of health benefits for the developing infant breastfeeding occurs
within a social context and I think one of the things that world breastfeeding
week helps us all contribute to is really helping share information and
knowledge and resources that make the ability to successfully breastfeed
easier for more families and so the Boston Breastfeeding Coalition which has
really grown tremendously now has over 50 members and over 20 different
organizations are associated was really an effort to get a lot of folks who are
doing breastfeeding in different ways or breastfeeding support in different ways
whether it was WIC whether it was another community-based health center
other was a nurturing program our family nurturing program to kind of sit around
the same table and say what could we do together that we can’t do alone the baby café is a model that was
developed in the United Kingdom and then came over to the United States that
really promotes drop in times that are freely accessible for families to
receive support for breastfeeding what we’ve started to develop his
partnerships with community based organization some folks who are interested in
supporting have the education and know how to do that and we’ve created a baby
cafe cluster we’ve offered 13 scholarships to community members who
want to volunteer in these cafes to provide peer support to other mothers
and parents who are interested in supporting breastfeeding BMC has played such a leadership role in
promoting baby-friendly hospital practices and I see the work we’re doing
now around promoting opportunities in the
community for there to be ongoing breastfeeding support as just a
continuation of what we know is needed to really promote ongoing breastfeeding
duration but also to promote enrichment in early childhood and social support
for parents and optimal knowledge around social emotional development we all have to play a role in helping to
just promote the ability for a parent that wants to breastfeed to be able to
do so and do so successfully

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  1. Dr Boynton-Jarrett is a WONDERFUL pediatrician. I can not say enough good things about her. She and the other BMC staff always gave me so much extra support, encouragement, and help when I was starting out breastfeeding one of my new babies. I absolutely felt so welcomed and wanted in the pediatric offices while breastfeeding my babies. Such a great place to be involved with!

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