Boris Johnson refuses to see picture of boy sleeping on hospital floor for lack of beds

What was your reaction when you saw
that shocking picture of Jack Williment, the four year old on the floor of a hospital? I’ve had every possible sympathy with
families and with patients. – How did you feel when you saw the photo,
prime minister? … who don’t have a good experience
in the NHS and what we want to do. And though I think most people do. The NHS on the whole does a fantastic job
and we back them and we support them. Have you seen the photo, prime minister?
Have you seen the photo? No, I’ve just been told about it
by the BBC. We need to be making investments
– This is the photo. We need to be making investments now
and that’s why we’re putting 34 billion pounds This is a four year old boy, prime minister,
suspected of pneumonia, forced to lie on the floor on a pile of coats. I understand, and obviously, we have every
possible sympathy for everybody who has a bad experience in the NHS and that’s why we’re putting
a record investment into the NHS now. But we cannot get on and
make those investments, we cannot get on and turn this country around,
put in 20,000 more police upgrading 20 hospitals, 40 new hospitals. –I’m talking about this boy, prime minister.
– I know, I know you are. How do you feel looking at that photo? Of course. Let me tell you I haven’t had
a chance to look at that but … – Why don’t you look at it now, prime minister?
– I’ll study it later. Look at it now.
This is Jack Williment. If you don’t mind, I’ll give you
an interview now. What we what we are doing is
we are taking this country forward and we are investing in the NHS. And what would be the worst thing
possible would be to have a government that is mired in more deadlock, more disarray
and unable to move forward. – So I have every sympathy with …
– You refuse to look at the photo. You’ve taken my phone and put it
in your pocket, prime minister. His mother says the NHS is in crisis.
What’s your response to that? I think it’s a terrible, terrible photo and I apologise, obviously, to the family
and all those who who have terrible experiences in the NHS but what we are doing is
supporting the NHS. And on the whole, I think patients in the
NHS have a much, much better experience than this poor kid has had. That’s why we are making huge investments
into the NHS and we can only do it if we get parliament going, if we unblock
the current deadlock and we move forward and I really think we’ll be totally wrong
for this country to spend another year in paralysis, another year with no forward
movement and deadlock and division with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon,
sorry, in coalition. And I’m sorry to have taken your phone.
There you go. Thank you, prime minister. Thank you very much.

100 thoughts on “Boris Johnson refuses to see picture of boy sleeping on hospital floor for lack of beds

  1. Woman says account hacked to post fake story about hospital boy ►

  2. The Boris bot. He says there needs to be investment into the NHS which explains why the Tories have been making cuts to the NHS for nearly a decade. Can't imagine why he doesn't want to see any photos showing the reality of the suffering those cuts have caused.

  3. I mean surely the first port of call for blame would be the Service Manager responsible for that particular ward/clinic.
    I've worked for the NHS and absolutely no way would this be allowed to happen — a patient would be moved to an outlier if there were a lack of beds.
    They really need to look at what the lead consultant, the head nurse and the manager of that ward were doing.

  4. He rehearsed his lines so well but panicked re any interruptions to him …while he was "on a roll" Had he been sleeping on his own comfy floor perhaps ?

  5. I dont get how and in the words of the hospital itself that "chairs where available" she decided to lay him down on the floor instead of having him on her lap like surely all parents would have in that situation, why the hell would you lay ur child on the floor and not on ur lap asleep or awake, as a parent I know what my better option would of been, I really dont get the parents thought process on that!.

  6. Vote Conservative if you like to see women and children suffering through lack of medical care
    Vote Conservative if you enjoy seeing people scavenging around Food Banks becuse of the Tory Universal Credit
    Vote Conservative if you want your country run by Trump's American corporations and Putins Oligcarchs
    Vote Conservative if you love liars ,crooks and totally ammoral people
    Vote Conservative if you want to be ruled by Public School sociapaths who think compassion is a dirty word.
    Vote Conservative if you like to see your felow workers lose what littel Rights they have.
    Vote Conservative if you enjoy living in a dog eat dog society base on money!

  7. He reminds me of Polonius from Hamlet except without the intellect-for those of u who don’t know who P is – hes describes as a bumbling fool who assists the corrupt king…hmm sounds similar🙈

  8. Typical media of today…. be the first to get the news out whether it's true or not. Even if it was true, the only reason there wouldn't be any hospital beds for a patient is because our NHS is being abused and swamped by non-uk citizens. Problem caused by the Labour party. Thanks to the 51% who agree that our NHS will slowly start to recover

  9. Boris Johnson is a f…g ignorant and lier. There isn't any sign of emphaty. Anyone who wants this coward to be a next PM is just as bad as he is.

  10. Everyone can we how much this guy lies and just parrots what people want to hear. British people voted for this guy . Lmao

  11. Why don't you show Boris the negative impact imitation is having in our communities, crime rate and welfare system, our laws, schools, NHS, prisons and the fact they hate white British people???? I would live to hear what he has to say in that. Let's all agree that we know where Corbyn stands in it all, he wants more of it!!!!

  12. Obviously set up picture, unless of course we have a new “magical” drip that actually drip upwards to defy gravity.

  13. Wasn’t this clown convicted by 11 or more Supreme Court judges (the highest in the land) ? … what’s he doing running an election campaign … he should have been removed from office and be doing time in the nick.

  14. Boris Johnson has been PM for a few months. But somehow that makes him responsible for problems that have existed for decades. Most of the reason for the failing NHS is increasing demand bought about by uncontrolled immigration. Labor have played the biggest part in allowing that to happen.

  15. JEREMY CORBYN FOUND IN BED WITH A 10 YEAR OLD BOY. Yes it’s true, My Corbyn was visiting the gardening section of a junior school when reporters found him and his team talking to ten year old boy and his teacher on the flower bed. Oh dear, I do sound like the Guardian, don’t I.

  16. This is the desperate  left wing press who believe they are losing the argument and vote and trying to smear Boris by interpreting the event in a negative way.

  17. Guardian News _ Thank you ***** Patient

    it will end tragically

    He said (*) -> (***) -> (* ******) -> To the * Holy Spirit

  18. Just seems like he has no emotion and he’s just trying to advertise himself to win the election instead of commenting on the topic

  19. I can't trust a man like Marxist Corbyn who wants to rig the referendum he says he plans to hold if he wins the GE, by giving the vote to 16 and 17 year olds and also to EU residents. He also plans to give us a choice on the ballot paper of Remain or Remain.

  20. Cuts have consequences. But he refuses to even look at a photo showing one of the many poor children who have to suffer because of those cuts.

  21. NHS problems have existed for years due to the underfunding by both Labour and Conservative Governments and excessive immigration due to the open door policy of Blair's Labour Government.

  22. Boris i can speak for other but their is no trust and faith in your empty promises, you provide unsteady leadership for a country which is slowly losing it economic stance

  23. Tories have been in power for years now …..hospitals starved of cash….no affordable homes for our kids…low paid sweat shop minimum wage jobs …. food banks….just looking forward to the Victorian work houses making a comeback…..Oliver twist eat your heart out…


  25. Lol ,who'd of thought BJ a dodgy second hand phone dealer to the house of commons. Corbyn… Cough,cough,Boris got any i phone 11 pro's ? Boris …sorry Corby not today,but I was so damn close earlier,but the bugger remembered I'de snuck it in my pocket.I tried to muddle his mind with the old jibber- jabber but the force was strong with this one. 😀

  26. What does everyone want him to say oh Yh I feel bad like it’s already happened he can’t change the fact the kid was on the floor any answer he gave no one would be happy

  27. Sorry for taking your phone! You expect me to vote for this clawn???? After watching this , I am Gona vote for Jeremey Corbyn …

  28. He should have said, "okay" takes phone "that's disgusting, it makes me sick. There you happy? That's how it makes me feel bye.."

  29. It legit seems like Politicians are the only people who cant answer a question and just divert. It must be so frustrating, its almost like talking to Jesse Lee Peterson.

  30. What is the point of austerity, when the people are unhappy? There is none. The UK is in trouble. Philip Alston, the United Nation’s special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights visit the UK and think we lacking in soo many ways. Child poverty is increasing and its becoming harder to live a decent life yet our government is still continuing cutting, this is affects charities, NHS and mental health services. We need solutions not more problems.

    Edit: Please vote. Voting is always better than not voting. For change to come about, we need to show we will only support people who represent us. The current trend is groups who vote get heard because politicians want to win us over. Voting is a privilege, don’t take it for granted. We cant wait for change, we need to bring it about.

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