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The type of cancer that I was diagnosed with
was myelofibrosis, which is a hardening of the bone marrow, and the outcome was going
to be 8 to 18 months of life, or a bone marrow transplant. One of the major advantages of
receiving a transplant here at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia, we have the unique opportunity to really combine
first-class medical care and treatment with cutting-edge research. Their treatment plan
had a very good chance of success, in fact, they said, “You are a good possibility for
a cure.” And, yes, those are the words you want to hear. We offer the whole array of
stem cell transplant procedures, which includes autologous transplants, allogeneic, from matched
siblings, matched unrelated donors, or even half-matched transplants, and offer a transplant
option to patients who otherwise don’t have a fully matched donor. We offer, in addition,
another very unique type of transplant, which combines a solid organ transplant and bone
marrow from the same donor. For example, if someone is in need for a kidney transplant,
we can offer a combination of a kidney transplant and bone marrow from the same donor. And so
we offer combining the immune system with the solid organ of the same donor, which means
that the patient will not need lifelong immunosuppression, and that is something which is very unique
to our program here at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia. It was very important that this particular
hospital does the research that’s necessary to assist the patient through the journey
of a bone marrow transplant. I like to go to people who write the book, not the people
that read the book. We really pay a lot of attention to research. For the patient that
reflects in clinical trials we have directly available. Clinical trials are very, very
often to have access to potentially life-saving medications. I was fortunate enough to be
accepted into a clinical trial, and it worked very well. This is the place where they have
cutting-edge treatments. You want to be part of that cutting edge. The successful bone
marrow transplant is a team effort. We work with amazing collaborators here at New York-Presbyterian
Hospital. Many patients encounter severe complications that need to be taken care of during their
transplant. The team effort that they provide each patient here is simply fantastic. They
explain everything to you in the finest details. They always knew where I was in my progress
and it wasn’t that one doctor knew one thing and another do the other. They were talking,
they were communicating. I think with transplant patients, the human component is amazing,
because you really get to work with people when they’re at their most vulnerable. To
be a part of that process, and be able to provide education at really key moments, it’s
a really beautiful relationship that I think we form. They knew exactly what I’d be going
through, and they were able to prescribe, or tell me that, “This too shall pass.” It
saved my life, coming here, New York-Presbyterian/Columbia. This is where you want to be. If you want
to get better, if you want your best chance of success, this is where you want to be.

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