Bobby Garg, MD, OB/GYN

My name is doctor Anupam Garg. I actually
go by Bobby with my friends and family, it’s my nickname. I’m a general obstretician
and gynecologist. I have been in practicing medicine for about
nine years now. I’ve been in San Diego all that time. I did my training in Los Angeles
and then moved here to San Diego after that. One of the great things about OBGYN compared
to some other specialties and what really drew me to it is it really allows you to provide
total complete care to our patients. We get to start taking care of people as early as
adolescence and all the way through to the end of life, and see them through a lot of
different phases of life. We get to function as a primary care provider in an office setting
and when certain problems arise we have the opportunity to perform surgery to fix those
as well. So we get to do some work in the operating room. And one of the biggest joys
is participating in prenatal care and pregnancy. It’s such an amazing and joyous event in
somebody’s life to get to go through pregnancy and child birth. To have the opportunity to
be a part of that and participate in that is really one of the most rewarding and amazing
things we can do as physicians. I really feel like Scripps is really an amazing
system for maternity care and women’s health in general, in terms of the quality of maternity
care that’s provided, the birth experience, the range of surgical sub-specialties, the
advanced technologies that we offer, we really can give our patients the most comprehensive
care possible. So, in addition to performing the general
scope of OB/GYN one of the areas I really enjoy specializing in is minimally invasive
surgery. What’s really incredible about our field is the advances we’ve made over
the last several years whereas before a lot of conditions required major open abdominal
surgery, which required really long recovery, now we have advances such as laparoscopic
surgery, robotic assisted surgery. What’s really unique about single-site surgery
is that up until now minimally invasive surgery usually involved three or four incisions in
the abdominal area, and it’s great because they’re small. You know sometimes the size
of a penny or dime, so they heal really nicely. Single-site is even more advanced in that
it only goes through the belly button. So, after the surgery is over and after the healing
process is completed there’s essentially no visible scar afterwards. Being part of the Scripps Health system and
with Scripps Clinic, one of the biggest advantages of that for us as well as our patients is
that we really have this full network of every possible sub-specialty covered. My main office is in Banker’s Hill and I also
have a second office in the Mission Valley area. We do our hospital work here at Scripps
Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest and it’s and nice central location which really allows
patient access for pretty much anyone in San Diego. What patients can expect when they come to
our office is a really warm and friendly experience. I feel really fortunate that with my partners
and with our office staff we have a really close knit relationship. We’ve all been
working together for a long time. You can expect a warm and courteous interaction with
our staff members, with myself and my partners. So when I sit back and think about all the
different parts of my patients lives I get to be a part of and experience with them and
grow with them, I really can’t think of anything more rewarding than that.

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