Bnai Zion Medical Center

Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa, is in many ways like any other hospital. Hundreds of people come and go every day. Broken bones are healed, babies are born, people learn to walk
again, and ambulances come to emergency just like they do where you live. But
here at B’nai Zion, emergencies can have a very different meaning… In 2006 during the attack on Haifa, Bnai Zion Hospital was on the front lines for the battle, when two missiles landed
in the street just a few yards from the entrance. For days the hospital was
overcome with casualties and confusion. Potential had become emergency and the
hospital was challenged not only with helping the injured who were brought in,
but protecting the patients who were already there. Plans have now been made to build an
underground bomb and chemical proof emergency facility at the hospital. It would house not only a new
underground emergency room, but would serve as a protected area for hospital
patients in the event of another attack. Dr. Amnon Rofe is the CEO at Bnai Zion. For him, the new protected emergency center is the hospital’s number one
priority. “We are ‘starting’ to build our underground protected emergency room in the hospitalization unit, and I am very excited of this. I know it will take 3 years, 3 1/2 years, and during those years I’ll have to raise more funds, but I can ‘start’, and I am starting, and it makes me very happy.” The medical center serves all of
northern Israel, providing compassionate care without regard to one’s ethnicity,
religion, sexual orientation or economic status. This is truly a hospital that cares for
and about its patients. Last year over 195,000 babies were born in Israel. While most children are born without
problems, it’s not always the case. The hospital’s Neo-natal Intensive Care
facility is second to none in Israel – Thanks in a great part to the support is
received from the Bnai Zion Foundation. “You see, we can compete with the big medical center…. .. the huge thousand bed hospital. So, our philosophy, coming from top to bottom -to give the patient feeling that we are kind of a family and we give them the feeling that they be secure here, although we are not a major, big medical
center. “My memory from here is mostly the staff. The warmth, the humanity, always having
your questions answered – everything we wanted – we knew everything that was happening
because they told us”. This is northern Israel’s state-of-the-art
medical center. 450 beds 1,800 employees…. Where each year over 65,000 people visit
emergency and 14,000 surgeries are performed by some of Israel’s top
surgeons and medical teams. But it’s the ongoing threat of another
attack that worries Dr. Michael Kafka the most. As head of Bnai Zion’s emergency department is Dr. Kafka and his staff that will see the worst, if and when the
worst comes again. “First of all I know that constructing a new emergency protection Emergency Department, even now that we are already ready with all the programs – It takes about three years. So this is the most important thing for this hospital… but , in addition, we have to continue and give the best medical supply to our patients. We have high standard medicine here. We need things for the present situation. We need more monitors, we need respirators, we need stretchers, any help is welcome. Help, to preserve what we have now, so that the standard of medicine will not fall down, and of course help for our future protected department.” “I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all our friends in the world, in the United States. I travel to the United States at least two, three, four times a year, and I meet many good people, warm-hearted people that help us during
the years. On behalf of our staff, on behalf of our patients and myself – Thank you.”

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