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  1. what if a person with O blood donates to a person with B blood.
    I get that no antibodies will be formed by the B blood in the recipient because there are no antigens on the O blood donated.

    But won't the O blood itself produce Anti B antibodies to attack the B blood cells in the recipient's body?

    I'm confused by this.

  2. Thank you very much for the clarity in your voice and explanation. Very informative and easy to follow along. Please make more videos especially regarding other science topics!!

  3. ok who is right , TED-ed or the penguin prof? TED-ed: AB can accept both A and B if AB is donor, O doesn't accept both A and B so death is final. The penguin prof: There's NO WAY A AB CAN ACCEPT BOTH A and B , reason : if AB (donor) is given A, it is good but don't forget B, death is final. same answer as B. O can accept both A,B ,O and AB so yup, O is OK. Remember guys, this is LIFE OR DEATH, this is NOT A JOKE. One SMALL ACCIDENT IS LIFE OR DEATH

  4. Have no need to know this stuff. Just find it really interesting and hard to stop watching. That's a good thing. Will be checking out your other videos.

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  6. What a great video! I just understand something I heard when I was a child (my dad is Rh- and my mother was pregnant. They were checking the blood type of my little sister for knowing if that was her last pregnancy). GREAT GREAT GREAT CHANNEL!!

  7. Thank you so much! I couldn't understand any of this during lecture & you just explained it to me in such a short amount of time, thank you❤️

  8. Your voice is really pleasant to the ears 😊😊. And Thank you for such awesome concepts. Stay blessed ☺ !!

  9. Very well presented and produced. Very good speaking and teaching voice. A good amount of information in 15 minutes. Your manner keeps it interesting. Thank you. Do the cats eat the doughnuts in the other video?

  10. I had a hard time understanding this process until I watched this video…thank you so much!! Huggss!!

  11. 10:57 First you said O has no antigens, now you say they do! This is very confusing. You put sprinkles on my plain donut, lady!

  12. I wish I could sit down with you and have a conversation on curing the world, I know how to cure AIDS HIV cancer Ebola any bacterial fungal infection in the body,you are probably one out of many that would understand what I'm talking about when I speak on this Theory,hope I hear from this is not a joke please get back to me!!!!

  13. Actually i was checking all this information from several days but can’t find a good answer. After watching this video all of my doubts have cleared. Thank you

  14. Hello Teachers,
    What blood types are associated with anemia?
    Certain blood types are prone to certain diseases and disorders correct?
    What is the blood type of the Royal Family?
    What blood types are associated with incest?
    Thank you much.
    ETN 🐣..

  15. Here she has shown A can donate to 0 but how can O ha anti A and anti B antibodies .The anti A antibodies of O clump with antigen A

  16. Wow…..thank you so much for this video. Im a faternal twin. Im male and my twin is female. I have A+ blood type but my twin sister has RH- blood type. Excuse my ignorance, but why is that? Im only 23 i still have much to learn. Also, my sister tried to conceive 5 times as her life long dream was to be a mother, but she had 5 miscarriages because the fetus, as you said in this video, was seen as foreign by my sisters antibodies and killed 5 of her children unfortunately…..it absolutely destroyed her. All by the same man btw, but they decided to try 1 more time and by some miracle the baby survived passed the 5 month mark and my sister was so happy she cried for a week straight, my neice is now 4 months old and the most beautiful little girl. I just want to know why the first 5 fetuses were seen as foreign but the 6th wasnt? It confuses me. Please answer asap!! Anybody! I would love to know! And why im A+ but my twin is RH-? Thank you everybody!!

  17. why doesn't antibody a of blood group o react with antigen a when mixed with blood group a? Can somebody please tell me

  18. Very helpful video. I teach middle school and blood typing is challenging for my students. This video will help. Thanks

  19. There was a mention about blood type dating makes no sense. However it seems like it would make a little sense if you take into consideration the potential risk of a mother with the RH factor giving birth to a RH+ baby…There is the vaccine.

    But if both partner are RH- there would probably be less of a chance of having a problem.

  20. Wrong the blood tests were also for herpies and AIDS and in some states for RH FACTOR. As for your earlobe analogy is concerned that is very pathetic coming from a so-called educated woman. Your blood is your very LIFE FORCE OR SOUL if you will o dating by blood type is a great thing and reduces the incidence of HEMOLYTIC DISEASE! The Japanese are very INTELLIGENT FOLKS!

  21. Oh you do realize that AB blood is not anormal blood type but a hybrid blood type caused by mixing of A and B blood and is responsible for 3 to 5 % of HEMOLYTIC disease even if they are the same Rh factor. Likewise if you are AO or BO are HYBRID BLOOD TYPES and just the fact that O produces anti A and B antigens and A and B produce anti A or B antigens again each other naturally with out sensitization as is with the RH factor. That would tell you right their that the different blood types were NOT meant too be MIXED TOGETHER and that is why we have a lot of scizophrenia as well as other mental illnesses en mass in the west today. And one last note if one of your parents has type O blood and the other is type A or B just because the O does not show up on a standard blood test does not mean it isn't too their in fact most A and B blooded folks actually do carry O blood recessively. O is the original blood type or Paleo blood type= Hunter Gatherers A= Agricultural blood type Farmers and type B blood is NOMADIC.

  22. Thank you for the great video!! quick question. is there a reason why one would want to distinguish between blood group A1 and A2. Any clinical significance?

  23. I never taught that I would understand blood typing until I stumbled upon your channel. After watching ur content, I subscribed straight up. God bless you.

  24. just a quick comment…apes and monkeys are NOT our closest relatives…they are animals just like all the other animals and we are HUMANS…there is no missing link cause there never was one…we where created in God's image…period…as for the rest of the video informative

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  26. Thanks for this video! My grandma, who is O-, swears up and down that I can't be A- bc my dad is A+ and my mom is O+. My husband is B+ so yay RhOgam!

  27. Great video, but there are a lot of us women who were never helped by a Rhogam shot for some strange reason. We could never have Rh Positive children, nor did our first pregnancies come to term. We did however have Rh Negative children, eventually, after many failed pregnancy's and stillbirths.

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