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okay take your colors very ear cleaning how long have you been blocked I have nice is there that legitimately ear specialist your hearing aid specialists Musial aunt works okay all right organs on here I have one from here when we look at your ears we see on both the right and the left that it’s blocked and the left looks a little more open we’ll try to see if we can tease away a little bit of that wax with a little curette first and see if we get a view of the eardrum and probably irrigate after that we’ll see how it goes we want to be gentle though we don’t want to hurt it now does it hurt to touch in there no it’s pretty deep the wax and it’s packed in there we’re not going to be able to make any progress on the on the right here with the curette the problem is i’m using the curette itself to keep it ear canal open with that limit so I can push it alright so we’re not getting anything with the corrections so deep i just can’t get in that deep with it we’re going to irritate we put in hot water and hydrogen peroxide and then I’ll put on my gloves and yes i know i have a tremor that’s not news and then the water goes out to the five not straight in alright so we did one one bottle full let me kick this away we’ll do another one because we didn’t get any wax at all we’re not even going to look we’re just going to get more alright so after two rounds of this is the tripi with just barely any material will go ahead and take a look at where we’re at this is the right ear after two washings and it’s moved it around a little bit but it’s not breaking loose yet will be some more oh yeah that’s enough well it’s coming out here all right what do you have it’s starting I get here already okay so that means we should take a look at it this is after the third wash in the right ear and it’s different someone’s coming out for time listen record for this office there’s some all right let me take this away again get more as you can see that’s yep but it’s just just soft and yeah you feel it so let’s not do that what so let’s not do that that hurts some people are going to suggest that we use the syringe instead of this but really the syringe would take longer than this from my experience oh that we were not nothing well oh okay let’s push is just push it against your cheek there what there is that better we take that out so this is after five washes looking in the right ear to finally find that it is absolutely pristine inside of there with a normal nice looking eardrum there’s a little wax there on the side but we’re going to leave that alone get another look here there we go we’re going to go with that we’re not going to get those little tiny traces out because will cause injury if we try to get those little pieces out so this is our first washing of the left ear yeah get the angle right here okay that’s Hill okay yeah alright so we’ll just count on it taking a few times to get started on this one all right ready yeah we’ll try to charge it up for the next month so still nothing number three on the left ear all right don’t try it this angle still nothing that’s after three this is I’m going to take a look in there that’s just an awful lot yeah what make any money doing this no no we need to shit what take 15 minutes of fun yeah yeah so this is after three Washington the left ear and it’s moving stuff around but not getting it now all right here we go oh just stuff now yes see how it’s there we go finally finally we can see that ear drum on the left after all that got a little bit of wax at the opening here just getting really aggressive with that I’m going to leave a little flake in there it’s not obstructing the conduction of sound at all but if I have to go in and try to get that with the angle of your canal I’d end up scratching the size of the canal so now can you hear any better I come here pretty good ok I’ll go doesn’t you know the water that’s out of it pumped okay in that batch yeah I just turn your head over in this one field this one I’m here to get around this okay let me do this then for this here turn your head tilt your head down by the way to tilt your head this way really far there now how is it pretty good that was good hearing as you’ve had not not as good as this slide okay I think it’ll option yeah okay so there’s no more wax that we’d want to remove the little bit of wax that’s there is not causing obstruction for anything won’t block hearing aids won’t block the removal wax you may want to get your ears use at home remedy maybe once every two or three weeks if it blocked up again we can always do this alright thanks Gary thank you doing it I think for joining Gary myself Gary’s a tall one if you haven’t never until next time Gerry myself telling all of you to stay in good health thanks Terry

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  1. Do you ever worry about using irrigation when you don't have a view of the ear drum? Potential for getting water into the middle ear if there is an unknown perf. Ever tried a vacuum? Reach much further and then the curettes.

  2. Is that painful having the irrigation done. I don't think I get ear wax build up. I will use a qtip after swimming or showering but never have much wax come out.

  3. +Dr Vaughan Just wondering about what you said about you having a tremor is it due to a problem with discs in your C spine. I only ask because I have a tremor due to that and Dr Gilmore had the same thing before having fusion surgery done

  4. Always interesting and informative! I really love when I see you have a new video out! Keep up the great work!

  5. Can he hear colors now?

    But for real, can the average joe buy an irrigation thing like that and lighted extractors? My husband is prone to large wax masses and we usually just use warm water + h2o2 and have him lie on the couch while it softens up, then spray it out with one of those rubber bulbs they give you for babies.

  6. You have the nicest patients! My hubby and I are in our early 50's. Last couple of years, hubby started getting what I call "old man ear hairs". I pluck those babies…and my dear hubby good naturedly abides it. It's akin to the 1 "old lady chin hair" I get. Hubby reached up to pull it off 1 day, thinking it was just a loose hair. When it didn't budge, he laughed..I feigned horror, then went and got the tweezers after it too. #GettingOldAintForSissies

  7. Dr Mark please come to Nottingham and do an Earwax Roadshow.💖I would love to meet you and let you look in my pots of gooey gold for nuggets😉

  8. Interesting, I heard syringing can cause or worsen tinnitus, how does this which seems way more aggressive not cause it?

  9. Do you have a new person working the camera? I got a bit motion sick and found it hard to watch. Otherwise great content doc!

  10. Hearing aids are notorious for blocking the ears up with wax, aren't they? Don't they prevent the wax from being able to drain freely? I know my grandparents never had issues with wax impactions until they started wearing hearing aids. Maybe the wax also gets thicker with age?

  11. Why ur patients go to the ENTs they special tools they used to down in the ear canal. I have been going to ENT over 14 yrs. They even have vacuums machine that suck all the wax out.

  12. What a great instrument for irrigation! Way better than a big syringe .I'll bet he can hear a lot better.

  13. Why leave that loose ear wax around the inside? It's gross. I understand you need some wax,but that looks awful!!

  14. I wish I had that irrigation waterpik when I was doing era cleanings.  I had a syringe and an IV catheter.

  15. how do i know if i need to go to one of these people? like i can hear fine but i always feel like they are clogged kinda

  16. I had a family doctor stick something in my ear and remove a piece of hard wax and I thought he was going to bust my eardrum. He was digging and not looking with anything and my ear bleed a little when I got home

  17. Oh, how I was I could get this for my daughter and myself. I was born without a right ear. They made me an 👂 with 🐒 cartilage. I'm always being poked at by friends and family. They say when I laugh, it sounds like a 🐒. My daughter has health issues. Very small 👂 canal in the right ear. I'm so gentle when I wash her ears out. But, when I get done or she says Momma, you're pulling all of my stuffing out. Now I won't be able to say *I didn't hear you! Learning how to play games way too soon. She's 7!. Anyways, her 👂 can get cleaned today and tomorrow it will look like I haven't cleaned them in a month of Sundays.

  18. Do you make your patients put oil in their ears for a few days before seeing you ? Or do they come to you with completely dry ear wax ? Also, now both my ears are blocked and i'm going crazy !

  19. This is my first time watching an earwax video…I think I’m gonna stick to zit popping vids. This is too rich for my blood.


  21. Would like to see the end result of what came out of each ear….then you get the full affect and understand what was impacting the man's ears.

  22. Im pretty sure I saw part of a cockroach come out of that right ear. Goes to doc to have wax removed, naa we can leave a lil in that ear instead of getting it all out. But were going to charge you for the full bill amount fo sho!!

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