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welcome back team so today we’re going to take care of those blankets you want to get removed so we can do that it’s not really a medical procedure and and you’re not be charged for because it’s people like watching the videos and it’s not medically necessary thing but it’s interesting how people have so much enjoyment some people doing some people so much enjoyment of steam these things get empty and your your game for it and hydrate getting the energy to find an interesting thing to do so we’ll get some done your first I like to name them up when I do them so it allows us to be very thorough with emptying them without worrying about hurt you when we’re gonna press it because it’s numbed up so i’ll go through an ounce of these up anesthetic yes have you had this done before no no no you feel that pressure can you oh yeah it’s a bit of a trip around the eye of course around the I always try to make the pressure go away from the eye and some videos where just because the way the person’s Anatomy was we were able to actually do that was pushing pretty close to the eye but yours are pretty good for that so what do you do with your free time gene oh I got a girl and you know a lot of large lon yeah courses well as green now but pick for three years they kept on no don’t want no more fucking water-holding dried up three acres dried-up well during the drought the lawn the other part just drives up anyway I want to go natural just weeds just weeds and keep mode though right we did yeah we fire protection we need about three times a year the whole thing yeah where do you live Christian Valley holly is just gonna roll out there do you ever have any problems with animals up where you are yeah not too long ago the 4 here in the back yard 40-year yeah I don’t care they’re back there there’s tea to the graphing waives any cats yeah and I neighbor’s cat comes over and it’s a free dinner once in awhile raccoons possums the scene Bob get no hug on a lot of oak tree so I got squirrels up all over the place go another way alright turn your head even more talking you get the 1i was looking at though there it is you see that come out and then come on the cheek here how’s that coming out on the coming over right now this is probably as close as I can get ok so unless you’d like one of those filters or turn more this way one saw para Bobcat parents property there are off of the Mount Vernon my neighbor’s son tried to raise chickens and loomis you gotta heal acres broadcasted wiping out Oh and Turkey but you have lots of turkey creek valley oh yeah three times a year they come through a lot of trees ok now to over going to that one on the chest only one of these and then there was one on the chest somewhere remember where it was there we go alright now i have u-turns you’re here you’re stuck that just like this yeah well welcome back okay let’s try this this is probably more dilated poor of walking like that it’s just yeah i think the anesthetic pushed it out ok all right now onto the neck hard to tell what’s going on some of those ok so okay now can you turn a little more away from me and you further over here yeah yeah like that allows us to get these on your neck either cleanings thanks yeah okay can you turn over even more so you see a little bit of blood from where we give the shots we ended up earlier now i’m going to just kind of strip along the skin pull myself okay because there’s so many little ones filling those skin folds oops just go in and get a whole series of them office and then these kids up here to one at a time ok so these places here there’s a little blood up where we give the shot you see how there’s somebody there can you talk the camera picks him up on that small barely like most interesting cripple yeah we already did the face there’s just go because cleans out that strip most for close-up now keep the dirt in the neck some well someone someone will read accumulate it depends on the type yeah so if you have one of the future we can although I think you probably had years and years of accumulation a lot of energy yeah everybody for if you keep the Sun off of this area around the eyes that up for those yeah so thanks for joining us hey thanks for watching The Blackout extraction like medical videos go ahead and subscribe to channel those you like behind-the-scenes stuff you want to want to get our picture until next time Dr Martin gene tell you to stay up

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