Black bear found after escaping Montana Wild rehab facility

a black bear is back in its enclosure tonight after it escaped a wildlife rehab facility this morning Helena police told neighbors to be on the lookout for the lost animal sources say it appears the bear was able to escape by prying apart some of the chain-link fencing that surrounds the enclosure we learned this afternoon the bear never actually left Montana wild a worker sounded the alarm this morning after noticing the bear wasn’t where it should be during a routine check meaning it either escaped early this morning or late last night officials and local law enforcement searched the immediate area including spring meadow Lake State Park and Kessler elementary school the dark brown bear is three to four years old and weighs around 60 pounds she was brought to Montana wild in February and wasn’t doing well the bear had more than 200 porcupine quills in her mouth and looked skinny however we’re told the bear started doing better and was scheduled to be released into the wild this spring and though this incident and incidents like this aren’t common it certainly leads to us to re-evaluate make sure that we’ve got the procedures in place that we need to to ensure that the we radically handling the Bears the Bears tranquilized now and is being held in a trap and will be released at a later date

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