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Hi, guys. It’s Melissa at A couple of moms have asked me where I come
out on the whole issue of where you should deliver your baby. Should you deliver your baby in a hospital
or in a birthing center? So, that’s what today’s video is about. And to start, I delivered all five of my babies
at a hospital, at New York University Hospital, and I am so grateful to that hospital. They did a beautiful job delivering all of
my babies, taking care of my one baby, Becket, who was in the NICU. And I was so grateful to have all of the medical
professionals there and to have the resources there. I had pre-term labor actually with each of
my babies and I had very complicated pregnancies, so I don’t think that I was a candidate for
a birthing center, which leads me to my next point. You know, where should you be in order to
consider having your baby at a birthing center? What is generally advised is that you are
a healthy woman, you’ve had a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, and you’re looking
forward to a routine delivery which is not gonna have complications. And if that is the case, you might really
be interested in exploring the option of having a baby at a birthing center because birthing
centers offer a much more family and nurturing type environment where you can have a greater
amount of control over the whole experience and also less medical intervention through
things like IVs and fetal monitoring, which basically means that a belt is placed around
your belly and there’s a monitor that’s monitoring the heart rate of the baby. And you don’t have to have this in a birthing
center. You might have a nurse come by with a hand-held
Doppler that monitors for the fetal birthing rate and that might be sort of less of an
intervention and make you more comfortable. So anyway, here are some of the other advantages
of giving birth at a birthing center that I found. And if anyone else has had this experience,
please share it on I’d love to hear what you’ve been through
and it would be really great to learn more about it. So, again, sense of control and involvement. I mentioned the lack of medical interventions,
which is really a priority for many moms. All of the baby’s exams and the baby’s first
bath often take place in your room, and that’s a possibility in a birthing center whereas
in a hospital that might not be normal procedure. That’s a wonderful thing. Lots of encouragement if you wanna have natural
childbirth. I had this twice. In a birthing center, you probably will have
a midwife… You will have a midwife, and you will have
people who will be more committed to having you have birth without an epidural, which
is not available at a birthing center. So that’s a really great thing about giving
birth at a birthing center. More freedom of movement. You’re gonna have less restrictions placed
on what you can eat, whether you can walk. Things like that, tends to more highly controlled
in a hospital. A more homey atmosphere, you might have your
own refrigerator for snacks, you might be able to have your other children present,
things like that that might not happen in a hospital. A lot of support with breastfeeding, birthing
centers have terrific resources for breastfeeding mothers, lactation consultants that can really
help you, and so forth, it might be beyond what you might get at your hospital. Make sure you look into all this because each
case is different, but this is sort of generally what happens. Lower cost. Because there’s less medical intervention,
birthing centers can be up to a third less expensive, which is a really big difference,
and part of that is the speedier check out. Also because you’ve maybe had fewer drugs
and there aren’t normal medical procedures involved, you might be able to leave the hospital
within 12 or 24 hours, which might be what you wanna do. So, that’s a real advantage. Okay, so what else did I wanna say? Anyway, that’s it. I did not give birth in a birthing center. Oh, here’s another thing. You think about this as being this kind of
strict dichotomy, but actually now, many hospitals have birthing centers that are part of the
same facility, so I think that’s a great option because you’re right there, you get the advantages,
but if God forbid you ever need some medical assistance and additional resources and support,
it’s right there. I really like that. Again, if I had to make the choice even again
today, I would not choose a birthing center because I did have breathing problems with
my third baby, Becket, who was rushed to the NICU and all my babies were born early, so
I was too nervous to be away from standard medical support. So, that’s just my own experience. But anyway, I’d love to hear more about yours. Thanks for watching CloudMom, and I will see
you next time.

5 thoughts on “Birthing Center vs. Hospital | CloudMom

  1. I love your vidios! I reeeeaally need your help. All I read and all your vidios on baby sleep mention Puting ur baby down awake but tired etc…it all sounds so simple but my baby just crys? I eventually left my son to cry at age one and now he sleeps great at age 2 I have a ten week old and it's looking like I'll have to do cry it out with him eventually as I have to feed to sleep or he'll just scream…have u just had good babys?lol

  2. So timely, I was just discussing this with my husband as we have to submit our birthing papers to the hospital and we decided to go with the hospital for L&D as St.Lukes Roosevelt (59st) also has a birthing center. This just confirmed for me what I want. Thanks for your helpful videos.

  3. I had a midwife and my choice was between a hospital and home birth. My son was breach so I had to be in the hospital and he was a scheduled c-section. My second child was also born in the hospital because I was having a VBAC but I still had a midwife. In Ontario Canada all midwives have hospital privileges. Even though it was in a hospital my labour was between myself, husband, and midwife. If it wasn't for my VBAC and a higher chance of complications I would of liked to try at home. In May I'll be giving birth in a hospital again, because it will still be a VBAC but I think it's not really a case of birthing centres vs. hospital. More midwife care vs. doctor care. I wanted to have my second baby and third with the least amount of intervention and I found the support my midwife gave me made all the difference. Plus when I needed someone to let the hospital know what my wishes were, she was a great advocate for me:)

  4. Encouragements from loved ones are great painkillers. Sharing a significant event such as giving birth in a birthing center which allows family members to be with you makes the experience all the more memorable.

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