Binghamton University – Decker School of Nursing Overview Tour

I am a junior nursing student right now. This is actually my second semester. But, I thought I wanted to be pre-med, but when I got here and then I met a few other nursing students, and then I actually did take a little tour of the nursing building . . . And, I kind of fell in love with it, all over again. It’s new, sitting behind a text book for your first two years and just kind of reading and getting the hang of everything . . . to actually doing things and learning nursing skills and working with other people. Naturally, it’s a little daunting when you first get into it, but the nursing professors here are super welcoming and they want you to succeed. For clinicals, I am doing a full rotation this semester. So, I am doing a geriatrics rotation and my med surg rotation. Your in pediatrics, your in psych, your in med surg, your in geriatrics. You know, you are passing meds. You are giving injections; you are doing all of that stuff . . . So, it’s a little more challenging, but, it’s definitely more fun, in my opinion; ’cause that’s like the real stuff that you get to do. Right now, I work on the cardiac floor and I realize, I really like the cardiac unit. And, I’m kinda gearing towards ER, as well, since it is really high paced and I don’t know, there is always something to do . . . And, anything can happen in a split second and you just have to have that fast thinking. I’m doing a PhD in nursing. I choose Nursing School because it has a multi- diversity population here . . . And, faculty members, they provide a lot of care, a lot of support, good advices . . . that (make) makes the progress; academic progress much, much easier . . . for us, as international students. You know, if you have a nurse or a physician, who says, “Hey come here. I want to show you this say, “Yes.” Or, if they say hey you have an opportunity to go see something you know, I’ve seen . . . probably four or five operations. You know, you never know when you’ll get to see him again. And, who knows you may end up
falling in love with something that you see. What happens to a lot of people is they come in with this idea . . . They are like, ‘I’m definitely going to be a pediatrics nurse . . . I’m definitely going to be an OB nurse’ . . . And then they go into that clinical and they end up not liking it . . . and they end up loving something else. Come in with an open mind, because there are so many possibilities in nursing.

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