Bill Humphreys, MD | Orthopedics and Sports Medicine | Mosaic Medical Center – Maryville

Hi, I’m Dr. Bill Humphreys with Mosaic Medical Center of Maryville. I take care of people’s orthopedic needs which include bones and muscles and strains, and it can be the shoulder, the hip, the knee, upper extremity, lower extremities. We cover a wide range of things – lots of basically, primary care for orthopedic needs but also surgeons, surgeries as they arise and are needed. I was an orderly down at Methodist, and I gravitated to the ortho floor. Actually, I got put on the ortho floor as an orderly and I was just, I fell in love with orthopedics, and the patient population, what they did, I’m more of an immediate gratification type of guy and that I like to see a problem, and I like to fix it, and then have a happy patient, and we’ll be buddies forever. I have a couple of things that I’ve always done with patients. I try to treat them all like they’re family. If, I’ve used this line a million times, probably more than that, if you were my brother, my sister, my aunt, my uncle, my nephew here’s how I would treat you, and I just have treated people that way from day one.

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