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We have Pacemaker I used to be a citizen band operator Oh ok, did you actually have the handle of Pacemaker? Well, yeah I called myself the number one pacemaker I’m on channel 20 Channel 20, one above 19 Yep That has a lot of traffic on it Yeah well 17 and 19 the trucker channels Yeah And, uh Yeah when I was a kid i’d get into trouble for being on, uh On 19 I had a one in my vehicle. And I’d always uh, get on 17 or 18 and 19, wherever I heard the bleedover. Yeah right And I says ok is there any holsteins around *laughs* holsteins highway patrol oh *laughs* yeah there is the trucker code and uh theys says yeah we got you covered, you got, we got you covered That was the holsteins answering back? No oh ok Oh that was another thing They’d listen in? Yeah, they started putting CB’s in their vehicles too in the Marysville-Yuba City area. And they could hear everything that we were talking about But then when the skip got so bad, at lot of people just give it up I gave it up Skipping from atmospheric skips? The sun spots Yeah I got what they call, I got on side band and I got post cards from all over the United States and uh Africa and Australia Alaska Hey thanks for joining us for the blackheads with Pacemaker here we really glad that he was able to share with us I hope that you’re able to share this with your friends who enjoy watching medical procedures Until next time this is Dr. Mark Vaughan telling you to stay in good health

59 thoughts on “Best of Pace Maker’s Blackheads Removed #popping | Auburn Medical Group

  1. FYI There are a lot of Hospitals that have "Ham Radio Operators" on staff incase of an emergency. The VA Hospitals being one of them. If America is threatened or attacked, it is the way to communicate with each other.

  2. Camerawork needs improvement…taking views from the side renders the comodone extractor tip invisible, as it is buried in the indentation of the flesh.

  3. Hi there 🙋 are you located in Auburn, California? I'm asking because I grew up there😊 and went to Placer High School 😊

  4. Gah you moved the camera before the blackheads were finished and the camera takes forever to focus so it's blurry 🙁 love your bedside manner though 🙂

  5. I loved Pacemakers stories! You're a great YouTube Doc, keep up the good work. Your videos are interesting and informative!

  6. I think being a little more steady with the camera would make this less dizzy for us, harder to follow when the camera doesn't follow well. My dad had CB radios and other radio's that he too use to talk to others in different countries.

  7. somebody said you look 70. it was probably a 15 year old. i'm guessing 50-ish or under. i'm 54. thanks for the great vids!

  8. Enjoyed the video very much. Thank you for catering to the Popoholics of the world. We love ya for it. I do have compassion for the victims though as I am still having sporadic breakouts even at 53.

  9. Make longer videos. We all know there's enough blackheads on that person to make a fair number of lengthy videos!

  10. Nice. So many videos people do I won't watch because they put music through the whole thing. I would rather listen to the doctor talk.

  11. I don't understand why people that are up in age want to get pimples,cysts and zits popped.I feel sorry for them.I know it's their choice.

  12. Going back thru some of my faves, n I recall I was going to ask a question n never did….so, here goes. I noticed one looked as if it were a possible cyst underneath n you went back and gave it another squeeze with your fingers n it still had some sebum coming up. How did it end? If you recall? And, has Pacemaker returned for more removal fun?? Hope its longer!! lol!

  13. Dr Mark…you are looking good😙miss the live vids as I'm sleeping now I'm working part time. Big hugs and kisses my favourite Dr. Mwah.xxxxx

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