Best IVF Centre in Rajouri Garden, West Delhi | Dr. Rachita Munjal (Sr. IVF Consultant)

Hi, I’m Dr. Rachita Munjal IVF Consultant, Medicover Fertility Why a couple should choose Medicover Fertility when seeking for fertility treatment? Medicover fertility clinics are among the
top fertility clinics in Europe, now in India from the last 3 years and offering some of
the highest success rates in the region. In fact, every 3 hours a Medicover IVF baby is
born worldwide. Medicover Fertility Clinics are known for
its principles, values, credo and policy of transparency. Here we believe in striving
to achieve the highest pregnancy rate. The entire team puts in best of their efforts
in an aim to provide childless couples the joy of parenthood. Our superior pregnancy outcome is a result
of skills and expertise of our clinical and scientific team, our state-of-the-art laboratory,
individualised treatment plans, excellent patient care and our protocols that have enabled
us to achieve such high success rates. Our mission has been to provide childless
couples an access to affordable quality treatment. Our fertility clinic provides a combination
of best of the technology and medical experts to couples struggling with Infertility. Our IVF centres also offers unique services
including an access to Independent International Ethical Board, complete transparency in fertility
treatment where the family can witness live the complete process. There are a lot of patients who have been
benefited from the fertility treatment we
provide, and the positive pregnancies are
the testimonial to our success rate. We want parents to take home a healthy baby,
and we are one of the clinics that provide DNA certification. Few of our distinguishing features are The Expertise of our Clinicians and embryologists We strongly believe that best results are
an outcome of the skills, experience and academic proficiency of a scientific team. We are proud
to say that we have some of the industry’s brightest minds working with us. We have an
in-house team of IVF consultants & embryologists. Also our lab has the most advanced medical technology
and we apply the same best practices that are followed in our European centres. We have
7 layers of HEPA filter in our lab which makes the air as pure as a mother’s womb. Our protocols have been designed and validated
over the course of many years in multiple European countries under the guidelines of
the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). Our Treatment excellence Medicover Fertility has been recognised for
its excellence in fertility treatments. We have met or exceed national and international
standards required by organisations including the WHO, ICMR, ESHRE and ASRM. Medicover Fertility is regularly audited according
to guidelines laid down by national and international bodies. We believe that each individual needs a fertility
treatment plan tailored precisely to his or her own needs, because without a personalised
and holistic approach, the patient’s fertility needs cannot be successfully resolved. We
at Medicover offer a range of solutions, treatment and therapies to address the fertility problems
specific to a patient and also keeping in mind the overall well-being of the patient. So what should a patient look before selecting
a Fertility clinic? A patient who is looking for fertility treatment
should choose Medicover Fertility because of its world-class facilities and outstanding
clinical talent. Moreover, treatment is never delayed due to long waiting
lists. Patients get guidance and treatment when they need it. Additionally, we also assign
a fertility guide to each patient to ensure consistent care of the highest quality. In case you’re facing any fertility related issues, you can visit any of the Medicover Fertility Clinics where fertility experts will guide you.

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