Best GPA For PA School–What Is A Competitive GPA for Physician Assistant School

How you doing? This is Dave DuBose the PA coach from And I have people get into PA school that’s my mission, that’s my passion, that’s my drive that’s what I do. But I get a lot of
questions at my email and to my website my Ask Dave section and I get this quite a
bit: Dave, what is a good GPA, a competitive GPA for PA school. That’s kind of a
loaded question cuz every school has their own criteria. But I would say
if you coming in with the size GPA somewhere 3.3 and above you stand a decent chance. Now those guys and gals with 3.5s and above will probably do
better than you on a particular category. That’s why you have to outshine them in some other
categories. But it gets your hat thrown into the ring, I would say come in with
the size GPA of 3.3 and above and at most schools, that should probably get you looked at. Of course, the higher the GPA the more chances you get. But just to get
your head in the ring, 3.3 and above should probably do the
trick. Alright! For more information just like this check out My mission is the same. It’s only one and that’s to help you get into PA School. Thank you.

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