Best Facility for Neurologic Rehabilitation | Spalding Rehab Denver

– Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital Is unique and effective in that we’ve chosen to specialize in certain types of rehabilitation needs; primarily in the area of
neurologic rehabilitation. People with strokes and
traumatic brain injuries. We have a dedicated
controlled stimulation unit with a team of specialists
that work very closely with patients and families that have the need for this
intensive level of care. We’re a non-restraint facility. We don’t tie people down,
we don’t put people in beds that they can’t get out of. We provide one-to-one 24-hour supervision for people who are agitated as a result of some injury to the brain. We have a team of neuropsychologists that meet five days a week to discuss the progress of people that have brain injury or
severe stroke difficulties and we have the ability
to graduate people, as they improve, to lower levels of care, prepare them to return home. We work very carefully with families and very extensively with families. We provide a lot of family training, we frequently will go out
and visit a patient’s home and make recommendations on how to make the best transition back to home, and we’re here to support families through the entire process. I frequently have conversations
with family members and like to remind them
that they’re not alone in the challenges that
come up when a loved one is either injured or suffers
an illness or suffers any occurrence that makes
them more of a burden to the entire family.

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