Best Drug Rehabilitation Sponsors Music With a Mission

Vinny: Hey Vinny: Hey Per: You know were here, number one, to help
what? Butter: Raise money
Vinny: Help the kids, help the kids raise money for the schools
Per: That’s right! Steve: Well I think it’s a cool idea. I mean
anything we can do to help support, you know, athletics, band, whatever it is. You know,
any extracurricular in the high school level. The support that you’re giving , the concert’s
giving, it’s just amazing. So I was on board from the get go. Colt Ford: There’s nothing wrong with enjoying
things, if you can control it but the moment it starts controlling you is when you’re gonna
have a problem. Per: Right.
Colt Ford: And again, you find people who will support you and take care of you and
push you to be better and if you surround yourself with people like that I think you’ll
be all right. Steve: I think it’s a great thing, you know.
Hopefully we get another opportunity to do it again in the future but all I can say is
thank you and from other coaches that aren’t here and other kids that aren’t here, I mean,
thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ve given me the opportunity to help out. Vinny: Hey
Butter: That’s where you’re supposed to start. Vinny: I’m supposed to start right there?
Butter: Yeah. We’ll do it again. In One, Two, Three,
Vinny: I got a barbecue pit in the back of my truck
Together: Later on we’re gonna fire it up Vinny: Got a cooler full of food, iced down
cold Together: A little Bocephus on the radio
Vinny: Hoping all my rowdy friends are coming out tonight
Together: Will somebody tell me please, who’s riding shotgun, who’s in the back, who’s got
a girl sitting on their lap, who’s gonna follow me down the holler, it gets a little hotter,
when you jump in the water, I’ve got all we need and all I wanna know is, who’s coming
with me? Butter: I’ll go!
Vinny: I’m going! Butter: I’m going too!
Vinny: I was gonna go by myself but now Ihave a friend! I was a lone wolf pack, but
not anymore. Butter: I like that.
Vinny: Holla. Butter: Holla!

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