Best Drug Rehabilitation: Salute to Detroit Hometown Heroes

This is kinda two fold you know, we look at
society today and we look at kids today you know teenagers. You think teenagers have a
harder time now or did they have a harder time 25 years ago? and Why? You know I I think it’s harder now just because
we’re so bombarded by so many different images, and so many things fly at these kids that
I think I think they have more to handle than we do. Well Per here’s the thing, kids are gonna
experiment in high school with alcohol, with marijuana (we did the same thing) their going
to experiment with different types of drugs. That’s not the problem, the problem is with
after they experiment or I think it comes from peer pressure. I have a peer resistance
teem which I go into the elementary, junior high’s. Right. I take a bunch of very outstanding
high school kids. Football fans remember Jake Long he was the number one pick in the NFL
in seven years. Yeah I remember him. Well he was on my peer. He was on my peer team
in high school. But I take these kids we perform skits on dealing with peer pressure. And you know that’s the biggest thing they’re
trying to help. And I think the older we become maybe we do it backwards. But the older we
become the more we try to help give back you know, I mean you hear so much early on in
your career that one day you have to give back, give back, give back but nobody tells
you how or when. And ah once you will see it if the light will go on one day and then
you get involved and you do what you need to do, or….You’ll have a major event occur
in your life like I did when my oldest daughter got killed by a drunken truck driver. It’ll
make you step up. Yeah it’ll make you step up real quick. Yeah. Because then you’ve got
three other children that you got to worry about you got a wife and your entire other
parts of your family. So ah, it lights up the lights as they say and at that point in
time you know you gotta do more, because no truck driver should be out there drunk to
begin with. No or on drugs at all. Or on drugs at the time. Right and I ah you can preach
and preach and preach but until you hit that nerve you don’t get much done unless you hit
a nerve. Well again the message has to be not only
heard, nor read, but actually execute. I mean it’s not that parents don’t know. Right. They
don’t know what to say, they don’t know what to do, but it’s the actual application of
the programs that are going on. There are many programs but if you don’t apply the programs
to your children, to your youth, and in your community it’s not gonna work at all. This could not be a fulfilled night if we
the City of Detroit did not recognize you for all that you have done and I have a Spirit
of Detroit award. It’s presented with as an expression of gratitude and esteem of the
citizens of the City of Detroit to Per Wickstrom in recognition of exceptional achievement,
outstanding leadership, and dedication to improving the quality of life for all those
here in the City of Detroit and signed a Spirit of Detroit Award signed by all nine of my
colleagues for Per Wickstrom tonight. We celebrate you on behalf of the Detroit City of Commerce.

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