Best Drug Rehabilitation Parent Testimonials and Review

I’m John, I’m Gretchen and we’re Big John’s
parents. It’s just been incredible, um his eyes are
clear, and his voice is strong and he seems so much more at peace with himself and with
others. And um…I just, you know I can’t say enough about the program. To see such
a wonderful, wonderful change in him. And it’s been staying since he’s been home. Looks
like we have the old John back and it’s the one we really love to be with. My name is John, I’m 39 years old from Grand
Rapids, Michigan. Ah the experience here um has been life changing. Um Just working through
the different courses and the programs have definitely given me some new tools to go back
home with and go back out into the world with. Um Probably the biggest thing I gained here
was reconnecting with my spirituality and my God. It’s given me a new passion for life
where I was pretty much on the verge of suicide before. (Um) I found a new direction, and
new purpose, and really a new desire. And the way I want to travel, and the way I want
to start living my life, and really giving back to other people not only in the community
but hopefully working with other people who do have addictions as well. I met a few of my roommates that I just immediately
clicked with, and we went through the program together. And I could see them being lifelong
friends and that’s part of the support structure and part of the community that we trying to
make part. As far as the sober community out there, is people relying and being able to
lean on each other for help when they’re weak. And I’m definitely trying to build up that
team even stronger everyday to help build that sober team so that not only I can stay
sober but hopefully my sobriety will help other people stay sober. How you doing? I’m Rudy and I’m the father
of Justin who is here here at the Best Drug Rehab Center in Manistee Michigan. I think
he started getting involved with the wrong kind of friends and hanging around the wrong
kind people, and the peer pressure. I think that’s what does it for a lot a young kids
I know cause i was there and I was a kid once myself, and peer pressure…is a tough demon
to beat when you got all the kids out there pressuring you to join their crowd and do
what they do and I think that’s how he more or less got involved and what his problem
is today. He’s kinda the computer wiz of the family
and we struggle a little bit, and she struggles a little bit with the computer. She has to
do monthly reports and he was always the one prepping them for her and she misses that
and we miss him at home, just having him at home and not being able to see him on a daily
basis. It’s kinda tough because you know he’s my baby boy. But seeing him here today has
given me a lot of hope that he is gonna beat this thing and im sure the people here are
gonna help him beat this thing. Me and my dad have a strong bond no matter
what he was always there. When I relapsed and stayed clean, and relapsed and stole from
them, and he’s pretty much my best friend I think it would be a lot easier to talk to
him now that I’m sober. My plans after this; I’m gonna go home and finish my apprenticeship
so I can be a journeyman and start working again. This first rose is gonna go to two people
that have been there through the worst of times through my addiction, I�m not gonna
cry, but I love you guys very much. Mom and dad come get your rose.

13 thoughts on “Best Drug Rehabilitation Parent Testimonials and Review

  1. It's never too late to change, and with help from the ones who truely love it this can become possible.

  2. This is a really heart felt story because I know too many family members who's lives are ruined because of drugs or alcohol. Knowing that someone cares enough that they would work so hard to not see you ruin your life is what these programs are about

  3. I struggled with drug problems for years and was able to get away from it thanks to help. nice to see stories of other people who were able to get their life on track

  4. This was definitely an inspirational video. It is very nice to know that there is a technology out there that actually works and everyone can agree with.
    I can't find anything wrong with this program and believe that it should be put into use for every drug rehabilitation program.

  5. This video shows me how important to get help from your loved one. That makes you stronger on the way of recovery. Great job!

  6. Very nice touching story. Great parents too, they care of their child! Drugs are a very bad thing thta unfortunatelly these days many young people encounter and start using, but it is good to know that there is a solution to it. Best drug rehab center is a great rehab center that offers a program that is very efficient. If you are looking for one of you loved one or yourself a detox and rehabilitation program, than look no further, check them out. I personally know a couple of people who have done this program, and who were addicted to very very harsh drugs for many years and after completing the program they were clean, happy and normal people again, now a few years later they are doing great in life and are fully clean, did not fall back or use again. They have a job and family and good realtionship in general. Of course to start and go through it was very hard and first themseves had to decided that they had to change and so on, and noone is saying it is easy like a clap with your fingers, but it it worth it. Mainly the reason this works, is because the offer a different approach. First they of course deal with the detoxification and so on, but than the rehabilitation part is very effective. They find the bottom cause of the addiction, there is always a underlieing pshychological issue, they handle this in a tailor made program that is written for the individual. There are different methods you can choose, it is not a one fit all thing, so it is very flexible. If you do not want to do certain things you don't have to. And obviously if one thing did not work for them before, they are not forced to do it. Everyone learns life skills such as parenting, time management, money management, GED preps, anger managent and other skils that they can use later in life, also that helps them tackle sitation that might make them use again, besides this, the facility is nice too, big, well equipped, including gym and so on, they also push sports as that is key to get the body back in shape. The staff are adorable and competent, and are there to help everyone through the program fast! So I completelly recommend best drug rehab center, check them out, read more reviews they are good at what they are doing, very professional!

  7. It's absolutely amazing watching these parents with their kids. You can see how much they love their child. It's hard watching someone you love become addicted to drugs and being there for them while they go through rehab is just as hard. Seeing the change in their kids as they went through the program and how happy and bright their kids became throughout the whole of recovery has got to be so rewarding for them. I'm really happy for their children that their parents stuck with them throughout the whole process. It makes going to rehab so much easier when you have loved ones who support you the whole time you are there.

  8. So great to see these parents who have gotten the children back. Drug addiction tends to ruin relationships and I really love seeing the parents who stick by their kids and have stronger relationships with them. It's tough to watch someone struggle with addiction and seeing them back the way that they remember them is such a happy thing to see. I'm so glad that their kids really understand how lucky they are to have parents like that and it makes them stronger in their desire to live a clean and sober life.

  9. Life changing experiences.. So nice to hear that. And on top of that he has reconnected with his spiritual side which is so important as well. Gosh that ending makes me want to cry, it's so touching. I'm so happy for these guys, having a whole new beginning again. Yes, that peer pressure can really get to you. I had that so I understand all about it. It took me a long time to give in but I did at one point. Luckily I found my own spiritual path to pull me out of that, but if I hadn't found that I would probably have ended up in the same boat as these people. So glad I didn't and so glad these guys have been truly helped.

  10. Nice video. It's nice to see that people do care about others who are having addiction problems , I know exactly how this can destroy a family so makes me feel good to know there are places like that, where people can just walk in and get help . I never heard about Holistic approach but sounds good to me till it helps them. I like the sound of Art and Music therapy ( never had one though so not sure how its done) but I am very curious about it since I like music a lot. I for sure like that they get different programs where I can from everybody gets the same and I am not sure if it helps them as much as the tailor made ones , I mean we are different so does our source of addiction. I have seen what alcohol addiction can do to a family and it is terrible, we need to help those people before it's too late , in my case was to late when help arrived so I hope other don't make the same mistake .

  11. This is a
    great facility. It is important that the program is great at a rehab but
    also it is important that the place is clean and well prepared for the
    clients and this looks like it is. It I think that it is really
    important to choose really the right and the best rehab facility when
    one is doing rehab. Preferably one that offers a holistic approach and
    natural remedies, as there is no need to add to the list of harmful
    drugs when it is possible to reach the same goal in a natural manner.
    Here they are really using natural remedies and all those vitamins and
    calming oils that is just great. Great that those who are there feel
    that they are being helped, I think that this place is very great. I
    really like their holistic remedies and this natural ways, and those
    they really help people recognize their triggers. Sounds indeed really

  12. Drug use is a growing problem in Today's world where people are constantly being offered drugs on the streets, in parties, and friends and family members. The only way to effectively strain from drugs forever is to get professional help that cares about.

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