Best Drug Rehabilitation: Jared Blake Performs for Best Drug Rehabilitation Patients

Jared: So today we were at a rehab facility,
we went in, played a few songs and kinda told my story and this is the second
one that we’ve done so far and it was awesome. [Devil in the Rear View playing] It’s reminded me a lot of what things were
like; the questions I had, the questions that they
have um, and so I think this is just gonna get
even better and stronger and cooler and cooler with
every school, every rehab that you do. I’d say that the crowd on a whole responded
better to either “Better Man” or “Devil in the Rear View”.
“Devil in the Rear View” I think a lot of them
probably feel that way right now because they’ve just turned over a new leaf,
they’ve came to a new place and, uh, they’ve got all this stuff in their past
that they keep being told here that they need to move further—they have to,
to—to move on in life, you know, get away from that stuff
but that stuff is always there. [Devil in the Rear View playing] I think this facility is amazing.
I love the fact that it has different variations because most of the rehabs that you go to
they have a one way to do it and they tell you that this is how you do it, or whatever,
and I’ve found in my recovery that no one’s the same.
Every body’s different, um, our addiction is the same, our issues may be the
same, mental or physical—any of those things may
have a lot of similarities but our road to recovery is definitely very, very
different for each person.
I love the fact that they have so many variations in here. I think they even have
like a music therapy. They have all sorts of different therapies and
I think that every body is reached. [Devil in the Rear View playing]

2 thoughts on “Best Drug Rehabilitation: Jared Blake Performs for Best Drug Rehabilitation Patients

  1. This was a video that I'm sure many of the clients could relate to and what they could aspire to in music. It was very cool. Yes, that stuff may always be there, but for sure one can move on to a much better place, and will after this rehab experience. Everyone IS different so the variety of the programs is really good.

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