Best Drug Rehabilitation in The Celebrate Recovery Walk with Dr. Billy Taylor

BDR Patient: When they asked me to go on the
walk I was really excited, because I was totally ready to support recovery, and I’m really
excited about it. And the walk was great, it was great to be out here with
all recovering addicts, it was great. BDR Patient: Grand Rapids is where the event
is held right now, and it’s basically a walk to celebrate recovery, and to let the general public
know that we don’t have to live that way anymore. And people can get better, and just because we suffer
from addiction doesn’t mean that we’re not people. When we got here for the walk we met up with all
the people, and we got on the bridge and walked. And then we came back and listened to all the speakers
and just, you know, supported each other. Dr. Taylor: And once you start down this road
to recovery you gotta stay on course. You can’t go back, you can’t switch from heroin
to cocaine, or cocaine to alcohol. Don’t kid yourself that’s a dead end street. All you do on it is a person told me once
it’s changing seats in a crashing airplane. BDR Patient: Dr. Taylor’s speech was really
great because I could really relate to it, because I would always try to substitute,
you know, my addictions, and that just doesn’t work, we have to completely stop everything to recover. BDR Patient: I did agree with Dr. Taylor said,
you know, you can’t substitute drugs, you know. Us addicts, you know, we can’t, we’re just
out of control, it’s like, it’s total abstinence I believe, and that’s what works. Dr. Taylor: What went into my decision to
start Get Back Up Incorporated was the realization of how blessed I was to recover,y and knowing
from personal experience how many men, and women, and younger people are suffering from
drugs and alcohol addiction. This past August of 2014 makes seventeen years
since I’ve had a drink, drug, or cigarette. BDR Patient:  I did the walk because I wanted
to be a part of the support for recovery. BDR Patient:  I mean it was for a good reason
so why not do that? BDR Patient: I decided to walk because I want people
to know that you don’t have to live that way anymore. Dr. Taylor: Well being at this event is so
important to me, because I love sharing my message of recovery, and I love being around
my people, as i call them, that are in recovery. You know, and just to help them to know that
there’s life on the other side of addiction. You can accomplish many, many things if you
don’t use and pray. Anyone can recover, all they have to do is want to.

4 thoughts on “Best Drug Rehabilitation in The Celebrate Recovery Walk with Dr. Billy Taylor

  1. This is such a powerful message that is VITAL for everyone to understand. I like how they are doing it to support the recovering addicts, as well as advertising to the general public that just because the people had used drugs, they are still people and they need help and struggle with things just like everyone else. I also like how it gets the patients out into the public and helps to shed light on these important matters. I hope that you guys have many more successful walks like this and work to get the message even more out there! Keep up the good work!

  2. It is great to see how happy these people are. It`s such a good idea that the patients go out to the public and  let the outside world know recovery matters and show the world that they overcame their addiction and that is what they`re celebrating with this walk. Thank you Best Drug Rehabilitation for giving this great opportunity to your patient!

  3. Dr. Taylor sounds like a great guy–17 years is a great accomplishment. And the fact that you can't substitute drugs is so important for recovering addicts to know (knowledge is power) as I'm sure quite a few have probably tried. Teaching that there is life on the other side of addiction is something to always keep in mind…here at this walk are so many examples. The walk is a beautiful idea, and it's great these guys and girls have a chance to give back by supporting. That in itself is so powerful for them and their recovery. If you want to you can do it…good message as well. I'm sure there were people observing that walk who thought about recovery for themselves or some loved one if needed and saw that these were some happy beautiful people. Fantastic!

  4. This is amazing!!! Love seeing how happy they all are and what a fantastic idea to do. Sends out an incredible message to everyone so they understand. I love how best drug rehabilitation gives everyone of their clients great opportunities like this.

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