Best Breastfeeding Tips | From Hospital Essentials to How to Breastfeed without a cushion in Bed

Hi Mamas, I’m Shen and welcome back to my channel at Mama Banana where I share hacks and tips for moms. Today I’m going
to share with you my best breastfeeding tips. From the essentials you need to
bring with you to the hospital through to practical tips such as how to
breastfeed in bed without using a breastfeeding cushion. Before we get started, if you
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down below. So let’s get straight into it. So tip number one is to be
over-prepared for breastfeeding for when you’re in the hospital. You’re better off
having everything that you will need or might not need, than not have it with you
at. all. So with my firstborn I learned this the hard way. She actually stayed in hospital for 10 days after she was born and I was lucky
enough that I got to stay with her, but I didn’t have any of the things that I would have wanted, so I’m gonna share with you what I would have liked to have had with me. So first of all I
would have loved a hands-free pumping bra. Now you don’t need to go straight
out to get one, you can make them yourself just by cutting some holes into
a bra. If you’re prepared earlier then you can pick one of your crappier
sports bra to cut up. So here is one of the ones
that I made in hospital, it’s not great you need a stretchy bra. You just cut a small hole where your nipples will be, then you push the flange from the pump through. I actually ruined three decent pairs of bras when I was in hospital
trying to make my own because I was sleep-deprived, I just wasn’t doing a
good job so if you have prepared beforehand then you won’t need to ruin
any decent bras like I did. I would also recommend bringing some products
with you to help soothe your nipples. So I love these multi mom
compresses. So what they are essentially, they are these little cotton
pads soaked in a soothing ointment and you just put them directly onto your
nipples. Tip, if you put this in the fridge first so that it’s even colder it is
just so nice. In the early days, weeks you know it just
really helps a lot. There’s also other soothing nipple ointments such
as lanolin cream and you could also use coconut oil or any ointment, just
bring it with you to the hospital. Something else that I loved for sore
nipples was these angel cups (Silverette Cups) okay. These help your nipples recover I really
wish I had these at the hospital with me because it’s not something that you can
just pick up off any shop you need to have this ordered online. You’re better
off having all the extras. With the days broken up into sessions of eight feeds or more, one day can feel like a week. Tip number 2 is to be aware of what can cause a
blocked milk duct. So any restricting pressure for an extended period on your breasts
can cause blocked milk ducts. So for example a bad bra that sits tight across
your breast tissue or some baby carriers. I have the Infantino zip pouch carrier
which I absolutely love, but it has a strap that goes here right here across the
breast, so I wouldn’t have worn it for long in the early days because I was
paranoid with the pressure of it sitting here that might cause a
blocked milk duct. And bag straps such as those that you wear crossbody
they could cause a blocked milk ducts. I recommend any type of diaper bag that
you wear at least in the early days just make sure it’s in a backpack and you
wear it over it back your shoulders because you’d find it difficult to carry
a baby and wear a cross shoulder body bag and again with cross shoulder body
bag you could be blocking some milk dope it’s just the risk of block milk dogs
are much higher in the early days while your breasts are trying to regulate your
milk supply and then to help avoid block milk ducts or if you are getting them I
would highly recommend taking less itten tablets I want to put a link in the
description box on an article from Kenny mom on how much lesson you should take
but in the early days I was constantly getting blocked milk dogs once I started
taking these tablets and take the precautions as I mentioned earlier
then I stopped getting the blocked milk talks they can be so painful and they
can lead to mastitis which is what I got in the first month of breastfeeding and
then I highly recommend you look up on YouTube and how to massage your breasts
to get the milk ducts flowing I’m going to link again in the description box
below one that I use so I did this massage daily and I really helped get
after kind of moving and ease the engorgement pain so what I would do
right now is to create a breastfeeding playlist on your YouTube channel make
sure you have at least one good breastfeeding massage video included on
it and you can even add this video onto your playlist
you will want to refer to these videos later on when you are breastfeeding in
the middle of the night or engorged in the morning so tip number tree is to
understand the principles of how to unblock blocked milk dogs okay this will
probably likely occur to you at some stage on your breastfeeding journey so
once you know how to clear blocked milk cows it will just help make your
breastfeeding journeys so much easier especially in the early days the best
way to clear a blocked milk duct is to feed your baby directly on the breast if
they don’t take the breast and you will have to pump through it I’ve actually
had to pump through mastitis and blocked milk ducts before it was incredibly
painful I cried the whole way true for the – and the next coconut pumps but
that’s the only way to kind of clear a blocked duct is to get the milk flowing
through it so if you’re going to be the baby ideally you will have a hot shower
first or put a heat pack or something warm
ideally moist around the breast and then you will put your baby onto your breast
feed it and have their chin pointing towards the blockage so if you have a
blockage on the bottom of your breath you will have you will feed your baby
this way with their head up here and the chin pointing towards the blockage if
you have a blockage in the top half of your breath
up here then the best way will probably be to feed them in the sideline position
I’m going to link a video up here on how to feed in the sideline position within
the video I also show you how to clear your block milquetoast
when you have your baby upside down in the sideline position and how’s your
baby is feeding or if your pumping then you just need to massage on the loanword
there is the blockage you’ll know that that’s a loop because it is tender to
touch so you just need to keep rolling on this and either way it’s like needing
a knot out of your muscles and then once you kind of feel it being that bit less
painful or mountable then you can start pushing the blockage towards the nipple
and that will move that along to help clear and the blockage we’ll make sure
to add either this video or another video where they show you how to clear a
blockage into your breast feeding playlist so that you have it at your
disposal when you do have a blockage which I hope you don’t so tip number
four is to drink lots of water especially at night time so as you
already know what will help keep your milk supply up what a loss I’ll help you
wake up to go feed your baby turn the middle of the night so if you drink a
lot of water at nighttime then when your baby wakes up you will need to go to a
bathroom you head off to the bathroom and when you come back you’ll be a more
weak and a large for when you’re feeding your baby I just find that I just made
it so much easier because it’s so hard to wake up in those days
you’re just so exhausted but at least when your bladder kind of gets you going
and forces you to go to the bathroom it does help to wake you all so I would
highly recommend getting a bottle like this which is a 100 operated bottle
that’s not how it’s advertised but that’s what I call us okay so you just
press button like this and the water bottle opens and then you drink away and
you can still hold your baby in the other hand what I was needing another
half over unscrew the lid and pop the lid
back on I think these are great I’m going to include a link in the
description box below to where I got this on Amazon so tip number five is to
use your legs to prop your arms up while breastfeeding your baby in bed or on the
floor it’s just so much handier than using one of these breastfeeding
cushions while you’re in bed they just take up so much room okay so you start
by sitting on the back up beds I have my pedal here as a cushion prop me up grab
my demo baby so if you’re feeding your baby on your right breast okay you lift
your right knee up and then you tuck your left foot under your right foot
here just to stop your right leg from
slipping and then you use that cross your arm up and feed your baby with so
I’ll show you that on the other side so if I’m to feed my baby on the left side
my baby propped up against here and I lift my leg up towards most comfortable
for me to rest my arm onto and then I also took my other foot underneath the
left foot to stop the left one from slipping so I can relax and tip number
six is to feed anywhere and everywhere if you are nervous of feeding in front
of somebody else or out in public you can start by feeding your baby in front
of a mirror first and then once you are more comfortable you can feed and about
with anyone around I will link in the cards up above and in the description
box down below another video that I’ve done showing you how to breastfeed in
public discreetly I document my own journey on how I said my baby from being
fully covered up using more than feeding aprons all the way through to using no
cover at all so thank you very much for watching my video today I hope you found
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